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Luke, As drawn by artist: Lizkay

Luke Mortora, full Luke Nagashima Mortora, also known as Lucas, Luqa, Lucifer, Luciferon, and Lucy, is an author and artist in training who is currently working on his first novel.

Other than writing, in his spare time, Luke enjoys painting models - specifically the Warhammer 40k series - and playing on Xbox 360. His favourite music includes the likes of Metallica, Disturbed, Dream Theater, Muse and The Foo Fighers.

He discovered the furry fandom in early 2005 while searching the internet for pictures of a dalmatian and stumbled across artwork by DBruin. Soon after, he discovered voraphilia when he came across Armorine's VCL page entirely by accident.

His first venture into the furry fandom was when he signed up to Dragonspot forum on March 2, 2005.


Luke, as drawn by Muzz.

Luke's fursona is a golden western dragon, but is also a vampire and size-shifter, ranging from 5 feet to 50 feet. He has black bellyscales, red eyes and a thick, black, spiky mane which runs from his head to halfway down his back. He can be drawn both feral and anthropomorphic in style.

He was first named Luke by a fellow dragon on the Dragonspot forum called Midnight. His middle and last name are of no specific significance other than the word "Mort" appearing in his last name, an old French and middle English word for "Death".

Luke doesn't like to think of his fursona simply as a 'character', instead, simply a dragon personification of himself. He could be seen as a lifestyler to some extent, but not to the point of obsession.

Luke is currently working on his first novel entitled Luke Mortora: The Dawn Chorus.


Luke Mortora: The Dawn Chorus is a futuristic war story based on a conflict between human and dragonkind on a planetary level. it takes place in the year 2442 on the Dragon planet Drakonia and the Human planet Deserati renamed "New Earth" by it's human inhabitants.

The story follows the life of a new recruit, Luke Mortora, who finds himself thrown headfirst into the elite core and relies on the help of his newfound friends to help him survive both rigorous training and open warfare. The book includes various real-life fursonas such as Morca Kyrotara, Dravus Airwing and Kinaro Savard.


(Taken from the prologue of the novel)

Long after the Terran had laid waste to their home planet, the now desolate Earth of 2126 had become the staging ground for what would become the ultimate catastrophe of the solar system. Weapons of an unprecedented scale were launched from the barren landscape of Earth to the Mars colony, the new home planet of the Terran. The threat of the Terran separatists who resided on Earth had forced the last of the Allied Terran Republic to seek out new inhabitable planets elsewhere.

After years of wandering the stars, they found a new home, and in 2131, New Earth was founded. Only ten years afterwards, civil war was sparked within the ATR when allegations of separatist allegiance and sabotage were raised against those in high standing. On the nearby planet of Drakonia, the bipedal, winged, reptilian creatures closely resembling the Terran myth of “Dragons,” had watched the developments on New Earth with great interest. To them, New Earth was known as Deserati. It was a small neighbouring planet in which Drakonia had little interest in. The Dragons of Drakonia lived in peace and harmony, choosing to preserve all that was good on their home world, whilst still developing technology to make life more comfortable for its inhabitants. Drakonia had no need to colonise other planets, life was in gentle balance. But Drakonia’s history was about to change forever.

In 2143, the situation on New Earth had reached a critical level. The council on Drakonia had voted in favour of intervening before the situation became out of hand. After pacifying both sides, the council of Drakonia wrote up a treaty to be adhered to by the two Terran nations as well as Dragonkind. Although prejudices ran high between the Terran people, the Dragons taught them of a different way of living, and in time, the long bitter feud between the Terran nations was forgotten, and once again, the ATR of New Earth was one. Within two hundred years, there was rapid integration between Dragon and Human cultures, and each race prospered from each other’s teachings and knowledge.

But this peace was not to last. In the year 2390, the balance was tipped when the Terran began to damage Deserati’s atmosphere with dangerous scientific experiments. The technology was similar to that of the war of 2126 between Earth and Mars. The Dragon council approached the Allied Terran Republic with questions on why such technology was needed. The ATR’s response was simply ‘for protection’. These experiments continued for some time, The Dragon Council’s worries were growing, and Drakonia began preparations to defend itself. Dragonkind had learnt much from Terran history and feared the worst for their future. It was obvious that the Terran has domination in mind, and in 2392, these fears were realised when a pre-emptive strike was launched against Drakonia Capitol. The devastation was horrifying. Half of the city was destroyed, many dragons lost their lives, and on August 5th 2392, war was officially declared between the two races. New Earth and Drakonia fought relentlessly for fifty years, and the battle rages to this day. Drakonia is no longer the cornucopia of peace and tranquility it once was. The dream of a time of peace is now but a distant memory to the war-hardened Dragons of Drakonia. Now they fight for survival.


Drakonia is bigger than earth and has a notably larger gravitational pull of 1.5g. The dragons are well accustomed to this, but there are difficulties involved with human visitors. because of this, is is a rare occasion when a human visits the planet. The dragons of Drakonia often wear clothing, a custom adopted from human cultures.


The entire population was united under one flag and followed the advice of the supreme council, consisting of ten of the wisest dragons on Drakonia. The citizens of Drakonia lived peacefully following the guidelines set down by the council.


Most of Drakonia's major cities were destroyed by the first terran invasion. Drakonia Capitol and the five surrounding strongholds (Persus, Xenra, Dellus, Kyra and Tens) had prepared themselves, however, creating anti-missile systems to deter the destructive power of the Human orbital missile cruisers. Unfortunately, due to an error in the defense systems, the west side of of Drakonia capitol was devastated by a barrage of missles involved in the first human strike.

Deserati (New Earth)[edit]

Deserati is the smaller planet which twin orbits with Drakonia. Before the humans inhabited it, it was completely desolate but ripe with resources. Its atmosphere is similar to that of Earth before the separatist war but with a richer oxygen mix in the air. Dragons have always been welcome to visit the planet, but clothing is a standard requirement.

Governmental Structure[edit]

The ATR system diagram

The Allied Terran Republic (ATR) consists of two Archons who have final say in the main decisions for the citizens of New Earth. These two Archons are elected from within the twelve Consuls, four from each of the three nations of New Earth (Narotus, Helens and Greater Felling).


The ATR governmental system worked effectively and efficiently, with no one nation having power over the other two, a gentle balance was maintained. The human race excelled in technology development with the help of the dragons' scientists and knowledge of their planets' resources.


The structure of the ATR is currently a mystery to the dragons and most of the population of New Earth, but it is common knowledge that anyone who questions their orders mysteriously "vanishes". Aside from these harsh restrictions, the human race is quite well off, if not a little overcrowded.

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