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Luis Fox Is a Latino-American fur and social media personality from Miami, FL.

Luis performing his signature pose

Discovery of the Furry Fandom[edit]

Luis Fox discovered the furry fandom in 2014 during his high school years playing the online MMORPG World of Warcraft. Luis attested that the furry fandom "saved his life" during that time, claiming that it was the first environment where he could truly be accepted for being himself as a result of his closeted homosexuality. He also claimed it was for the first time in his life where could could truly love himself, something that was always "hard for me to do".

He also attributes his weight loss to the fandom as well, sharing his workout tips and positive energy for his followers of his social media and in convention panels.

Activity Within the Fandom[edit]

In July 2016, Luis changed his fursona from a wolf to a red fox.

Luis Fox by Faunbutt

In November 2018, Luis Fox created a Twitter under the handle @LuisTheFoxxo where he posts daily.

In October 2019, Luis Fox started a Fitness Furs Telegram to bring together furs in the furry community that wish to boost their fitness or seek motivation and diet tips.

In February 2020, Luis Fox applied for and was granted a panel to speak on "The Keys to Happiness: How to Love Yourself" at FWA 2020; however due to the COVID-19 Outbreak the convention and panel were subsequently cancelled for the safety of the guests.

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