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Ludwig's persona by Suane Lightfurr.

Ludwig Daniellis Nolan Göff, (also known as Nolan Göff), is a German-African American member of the fur community that lives in the US state of New Hampshire.

Ludwig was born on January 4, 1985, in Houston, Texas. He relocated to New Hampshire on October 18, 2013. Ludwig is best known in the community for his neo-Edwardian and English country gentleman attire at fur-meets; though this being his usual sense of dress - being a fan of the late 19th to early 20th century world. He often wears a 1917 Waltham mechanical pocket watch, with the Bavarian Militär-Max Joseph Orden Knight's cross medal on the watch's fob chain.

His fursona is an underweight, though healthy, anthropomorphic European Stoat (mustela ermina), of the mustelidae family. He's medium brown in color with an off-white belly and black tipped tail. During winter his fur turns white; thus then being known as an ermine. He's 5'11" in height, and currently weighs 131 lbs. Save for the fur, and other details of that nature; he's based off his creator in age, size, weight and personality. He also wears the same prescribed pince-nez eyeglasses as his creator.

Hobbies and Interests[edit]

Ludwig (4th of November 2011)
Ludwig's persona in seasonal coats by Aggro Badger.

Having joined the fur community on the 16th of October 2001, Ludwig is a furry artist, writer, fursuiter, PC game editor, and photographer; displaying many of his works on Fur Affinity, deviantART, and his personal website. He however, is not much of a mainstream person, and tends to reflect that in his art. His works of art are usually in an attempt to bring attention to subjects, styles, people and characters whom are often overlooked; and are mostly shaded black-and-white pencil sketches.

He also has an interest in classic movies, classic gaming, severe weather, mustelids, world building, geography/cartography, architecture, anthropometric literature, vintage clothing, landscaping, trucking, trains/model railroading, ocean liners, WWI aviation, vexillology, and cooking; amongst other things.

In addition, he loves the Secret of NIMH, Redwall, and Welkin Weasels book series; a deal of his past and current work in art and story writing coming from those inspirations. His favorite animals are stoats, pine martens, weasels, ferrets, otters, opossums and rats.


Ludwig's Fursuit by Kwik.

As of August 12. 2011, Ludwig became a fursuiter - wearing his suit for the first time at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011. His fursuit is a European Stoat (mustela erminea) like his drawn fursona - and was built by his friend Kwik Cheetah within two weeks.

Ludwig added the pince-nez glasses on the muzzle himself. An antique pair of pince-nez was used - its old bridge was broken and glued to an extension bar to each lens. The lenses are prescribed and made of glass, and the bar stays on by being securely pinned to the muzzle. He also installed a cooling fan using a linear potentiometer; later making the suit's handpaws, sandals, movable jaw, and follow-me-eyes.

While in suit, Ludwig wears his usual attire. Most often, he wears a vintage topcoat or overcoat; always wearing a traditional waistcoat to attach his pocket watch to. He usually tries to wear something green to bring out his fursuit's eyes.

Fur-Meets and Conventions[edit]

Ludwig sometimes attends fur-meets happening in the Houston area.

On the Lone Star Furs forum, Ludwig started the Prince's Fur-meets in Houston, Texas, on February 12, 2009. The meet would occur on the second Thursday of every month. The meet had grown significantly over a year's time from an average of 5 attendees, to 25. Ludwig later became more preoccupied with life; and as of May 1st 2010, turned over the responsibility of the meet to another.

He has attended the following conventions: Texas Furry Con (2004), Oklacon 2009, Furry Fiesta 2011, Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011, Furry Fiesta 2012 and Furry Fiesta 2013.

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