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Lucky dog music is the rough English translation of 楽運犬, the name of a Japanese doujinshi circle which has primarily published kemono works.

[edit] Members

  • Gil Tanu (Tanu Yoshi)
  • right three-Hara Ryou

[edit] Bibliography

  • Two Kemokyua 1 (ふたりはケモキュア 1)
  • Dramatic STAGE1 (ドラマチック STAGE1)
  • Po AF, this much pop! 2 (ぽんぽこ・くらいしす! 2)
  • Po AF, this much pop! 1 (ぽんぽこ・くらいしす! 1)
  • beef bowl!! Extra juice!! Chock!! (牛丼!!つゆだく!!てんこ盛り!!)
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