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Lucifer also known as Lute is a furry artist originally from Dublin, Ireland. His real name is Sullivan and he currently lives in Indiana where he is attending college.


Lucifer the hell hound is a grey-colored canine with black and navy markings and a fiery tail. He's a hot-tempered and dominant character who comes off as intimidating and wild. Lute the kittyhawk is a primarily white and light-blue gryphon with a cat-like face rather than the traditional bird-like head of most gryphons. For this reason, he calls himself a kittyhawk or kitty-gryph instead. He is also nearly the polar opposite of Lucifer, sans his wild nature. Lute is a sweet and approachable character who just seems to want to have fun.


Lucifer's art varies in style from one drawing to the next. While he can and often does replicate the same style, he enjoys trying a variety of different styles and mediums. His drawing style is clearly influenced by a number of things, including, by his own admission, "A melting pot of anime, Disney and real-life."

Second Life[edit]

Lucifer can be found in-world as Lute Fallen where he can be found taking art commissions, dancing and DJing at various furry-oriented clubs. He has been DJing at several clubs in Second Life on previous accounts such as All Fur Radio, The Fur Foundry and Serengeti since 2008.


Though not an avid player, he also plays Furcadia from time to time on the alts Lucifer and Lute.


Lucifer has already registered for, and will be attending IndyFurCon in August 2010.

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