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Official Lucario art by Ken Sugimori
Credit and dates
Author(s)Ken Sugimori
Creation date2000s
Publishing date2006
Species profile
Alternate name(s)Aura Pokémon
HomeSinnoh (the region where it was introduced)
MorphologyFeral biped
GenderMale, female
CommunicationTelepathic (Sir Aaron's Lucario), verbally (Super Smash Bros.)
Lucario by Roack16

Lucario is a species of Pokémon, resembling a bipedal blue and yellow jackal. It has small white spikes on the backs of its hands and in the middle of its chest. The pre-evolved form of Lucario is called Riolu and looks like a younger version of Lucario.

Lucario has generated considerable popularity within and outside of the furry fandom. It became one of Pokémon's mascots, along with Pikachu, Charizard, Lugia, and other popular Pokémon. Lucario full-body suits are often used in promo events[1][2]. Lucario is also featured in the Super Smash Bros. series beginning from Brawl with other prime Nintendo characters.

Lucario was one of the first Pokémon to be revealed from the fourth generation of games in 2006. The key character of the eighth movie, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, it was thought to be a unique legendary creature, but subsequent video games disproved it.


Lucario's appearance is based on Egyptian god Anubis. It resembles either a type of dog (Dobermann) or a jackal with a few marsupial characteristics, such as its shorter height, broader hips, and jagged tail resembling that of a kangaroo. It also hints at Egyptian boxing tradition, supported by its Fighting primary type. What looks like a muzzle is actually a long nose; the mouth is located under it, like that of humans. Lucario doesn't bite in combat. Both Lucario's and Riolu's hands lack opposable thumbs and are basically paws. The black appendages on Lucario's head aren't a second set of ears. They are mobile and used for sensing auras: to see auras, Lucario closes his eyes and the appendages flare outwards, giving him the appearance of being blindfolded.

Although Lucario is a solely bipedal Pokémon, it is often drawn running on all four limbs[3] or sitting down dog-like[4]. In this case, his muzzle may also be drawn more animal-like.


Lucario is an Aura-themed Pokémon. By studying other auras, it can sense emotions and intentions, or even predict combat moves. It can manipulate energy waves to form Aura Spheres, its signature attack. Lucario is a great martial artist, with moves like Counter, Force Palm, and Close Combat. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it has a "high risk - high return" fighting style.

Lucario understands human speech. In the anime, most Pokémon understand humans, but in video games, it's an outstanding ability. The Lucario from Lucario and the Mystery of Mew can also speak telepathically, and in the Super Smash Bros. games, Lucario speaks verbally.

Movie biography[edit]

Lucario appears in the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. He tried to stop a battle centuries ago that threatened the kingdom, and when he was unsuccessful he contacted his master, the legendary hero Sir Aaron. Aaron sealed Lucario inside his staff. In the present, when Ash held up the staff, Lucario was released because Ash had the same Aura as Aaron. He told everyone that Aaron was no hero and that he deserted the queen.

When a Mew took Pikachu and Meowth to the Tree of Beginning, Lucario led Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Kidd Summers to the Tree of Beginning. Along the way, Lucario said he didn't trust humans because he believed in Aaron until Aaron abandoned him. Ash didn't believe that Aaron deserted the kingdom, and Lucario said that maybe Pikachu left Ash. This resulted in a fight between Ash and Lucario. However, later time flower showed everyone Aaron sealing Lucario inside the staff during the battle, seemingly proving that Aaron was indeed no hero. Ash apologized to Lucario for what he said and Lucario told him to not desert Pikachu.

They reached the Tree of Beginning, fighting off Regirock, Regice, and Registeel who attacked them. However, they were powerless against the tree's "white blood cells" of its immune system. They didn't eat Lucario because they didn't perceive Pokemon as a threat, but Ash, May, Max, Brock, Kidd, Jessie, and James were all eaten. Mew brought them all back to life, but unfortunately, this put the tree's immune system in shock, which would eventually cause the tree to die. When they reached the heart of the tree, a time flower revealed that Aaron really was the hero as spoken of in the legends, as he transferred his Aura power to Mew to save the kingdom and make it peaceful, sacrificing himself to do so. In order to restore the tree to full health, Ash and Lucario transferred their Aura power to Mew so it could heal the tree. Knowing that it would destroy the one who did this, Lucario knocked Ash aside at the end so he would survive.

With this power Mew restored the Tree of Beginning. Lucario, who was slowly beginning to disintegrate, activated a time flower to see a final message from Aaron, saying that he trapped Lucario in the staff only so he wouldn't follow him and suffer the same fate, and that he knew Lucario would eventually be released sometime in a more peaceful future, and someday they would see each other again. Having been the one to finish the process of transferring his power to Mew, Lucario was completely disintegrated from the process of restoring the tree. He was reunited with Aaron in the next world, eating chocolate.


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