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Evil Ambassador of All Things Foxy

Luca Shoal (born 1987) is a kitsune furr from central Ohio, U.S.A.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Luca, as drawn by Spug

Luca started out his involvement within the fandom by joining Furcadia in 2002 as an otter. Over the years his fursonas' species has changed as follows (in chronological order) otter, rabbit, fox, and currently is a three-tailed kitsune.

He is most known for his appearance in the flash animations High Tail Hall and The Penthouse. Luca was once active in both Second Life and Tapestries, but has since lost interest in both. He is however, active in the babyfur community, part of the postfurry community, and can be considered a goon, or a member of Something Awful

Luca can still be found on a number of other websites, including FurAffinity and Kingdom of Loathing.

Luca's description[edit]

Luca's kitsune magic includes an ability to change size, age, gender, and species, other physical attributes (hair, fur, etc.) and chemical make-up of his form (i.e., becoming latex). There are some traits he readily identifies with his character however.

Reference sheet of Luca, drawn by Spug

The image to the left provides a good example of how Luca generally appears, in particular the fur patterns, colors, and various accessories.

Babyfur Luca, as drawn by Marci McAdam. Luca's first conbadge as well.

Conventions and Real Life[edit]

Luca's first furry convention was Anthrocon 2006, and he has attended Anthrocon ever since. He has also attended other conventions, mostly non-furry and based in Ohio, such as Ohayocon, and Mid-Ohio Comic Con. Luca was a regular attendee of Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend as of 2005 when he moved to Pittsburgh for school.

He has since returned to Central Ohio, where he grew up. He is working as a prep cook at a local hospital.

He is an Eagle Scout, and holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Culinary Management. And is made of awesome :smug:.

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