Lovin' Tree

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Lovin' Tree
Author(s) Artdecade
Genre Adult
Censor NC17 button.png

Lovin' Tree is a gay erotica comic title that is part of a series created by Artdecade for his pay site, Artdecade Monthly, which features adult comics alongside his other adult artwork. The comics debut at the beginning of each month, and when completed are compiled with a selection of sketches into a print comic book. Lovin' Tree is the second such comic, 30 pages long with 10 sketch pages. Lovin' Tree ran from May until August 2008 on the site and was published in January 2009 by FurPlanet.


Lovin' Tree is about a May-December relationship between two men in the rural South. The older man, Mr. Isringhousen, is a wolf farmer who owns the farm next to where Raleigh, a young fox returning for break from college lives.

After a happy reunion, the pair goes to their usual secluded spot, a tree growing in the middle of Mr. I's fields. Loving ensues.

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