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Loupgaros (born May 6, 1984, in Cheshire, United Kingdom), is an amateur furry writer and artist who is mated to fellow furry, Benny Brownpaws

Fandom involvement[edit]

Loupgaros became a furry after being drawn to wolves and from seeing other people as animal archetypes as opposed to humans. She then took to shamanism under the guidance of her father and grew to accept the more animalistic side of her nature. Here, Loupgaros the persona developed and became a guide akin to those in native American legends. The move to furry fandom was facilitated by music embracing animalistic traditions, notably Goldfrapp.

She is active on the UKFur boards once as Loupgaros, now as Alison Wolfrapp, and The Den as Karma Police. She is most active on Fur Affinity as an artist and journalistic satirist in the tradition of Private Eye. Her artwork is general and varies from Goldfrapp fanart, hard vore to inflation. She does not consider herself part of any furry art group per se but rather opts to be on good terms with a few artists of her favored genre.


Loupgaros's fursona, the Loupgaros Mk 1.5,' was not the character's initial name, appearance, and species: Initially, she was human with the ability to shift into a Loupgaros. As a human, she was nicknamed Sheena' and was of roughly average height, part of a group called the High Flyers, who had magical rings that enabled shapeshifting. Her shifted form was that of a small long-clawed wolf that evolved to stages, each more powerful than the last.

Her foe was the quick-thinking PenDragonos, a human corrupted with greed and desire for material wealth, thus lending a slightly leftist agenda to the tale. This story was started but never finished.

Loupgaros as seductress[edit]

From this beginning, Loupgaros evolved to a wolf anthro form, forgoing a human appearance and changing appearance radically.

At 5'8", she is of average height and has light blue fur that is decorated with dark midnight blue stripes along her back and limbs and tail. The ear tips and paws are the same shade of blue as the stripes and her combat capabilities are curtailed by her curved figure and lack of real stamina. Her mane is a long red affair that goes to her back and curls loosely.

Her attire typically consists of a black t-shirt that clings to her chest and a skirt that is about mid-thigh length that is made up of leather 'fronds'. This is also black and lined with red dye, secured to her hips by a black leather belt that holds a flame-shaped klaive. This is about the size of a dagger but wider at the base. A PVC black cap completes her outfit.

Her story here is trickier and the details are much more intricate. Born of the cosmos, she is the element of Order while her brother Frank' is the element of Chaos. Together they were meant to work as a team, Frank bringing down the haughty and Loupgaros clearing up the ensuing chaos. But Frank went wrong and his chaotic nature made him wink in and out of Loupgaros' life.

Meanwhile, her new foe was the cruel Rammos, a huge black wolf incubus who could use sexual energy to try and take over the Grey Plane. Rammos employs the services of The Hunter to try and kidnap Loupgaros so that he no longer has rivals for his power. However, Loupgaros has allies.

Talkarr is a panther-were mage and helps her out with his powers. Crow is part of a father-son team, with his son Meerkos, and he serves Loupgaros' primal urges, despite him being over 40 years of age. Age however is no barrier and his son Meerkos is her younger lover, all catering to the wolfess' energy needs. This story is still ongoing as of 2007, and many of the minor details are subject to change.

Additional personas[edit]

She has three other fursonas that have emerged from the exploration of the fandom.

  • Cornelius is a brown rat male in his forties, wearing Conservative black and a grammar school-educated background. He is very British in outlook, distrusting almost anything to do with America. He is also a wererat being able to shift from his brown rat form to a large six-foot black wererat.
  • Saberfang is a black hellfiend male, in the form of a rat with saber-like teeth. His mane is fiery red and is hot to the touch and his fur a brown-black. As a hellbeing, he is more powerful than the two aforementioned but is rarely seen and never employed in either chat or roleplaying occasions.
  • Alison Wolfrapp is a sky-blue and white husky with a chubby figure and a tendency to emulate her heroine, Alison Goldfrapp. She is a mischievous spirit with a penchant for pranks and jokes. Her accessory is a red bouncy ball and she is especially fond of cookies.

Roleplay characters[edit]

These are characters that have developed in roleplay situations or fursonas that no longer apply.

  • Black Dog is a Dobermann-hyaena cross with the physical features of a Dobermann but the temperament and savage instincts of a hyaena. His real name is Richard Dawkins while his female self that he changes into from time to time is Amelie Dawkins. He is a satirist for a magazine and lives near Baker Street in London in the Victorian era.
  • Laika is a modern-day male arctic wolf, purely homosexual with a very small leaning to women. He works at The Blue Lagoon as a professional submissive, one of the most popular attractions. While submissive, he is not purely down-to-heel and has moments where he will assert a strong sense of dominance.
  • Dorian is an anthropomorphic Dorugamon and came out of the viewing of the Digital Monsters X movie. He is a philosophical character who only ever is involved in thoughtful and graduated roleplay situations. Although not into the BDSM scene, he does crave a significant other in his existence without the bonds of mateship.
  • The Mistress is a red dragon-crocodile hybrid with a sharp taste for vore and fetishes that go beyond the pale. She is about six feet in height with red scales for the upper part of her body and pure white for the lower. She is another gender-shifting character, able to move from female to male to hermaphrodite at will.


Loupgaros specializes in science fiction and fantastical stories and is also an avid roleplayer, having a strong belief in stories as the basis for character action and thought. She is also a satirist, either drawing or writing satirical rewrites of songs or television shows to highlight an issue in the fandom or the world.

Her mate Benny Brownpaws, an otter, is known for his cameos and appearances on radio shows of a furry nature.

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