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Lotus Wolf is a fursuiter from California, USA. Her fursona is a mystical Arctic wolf.[1]

She was a Specialist the US Army in 2003, but her career ended abruptly after a severe fall damaged her legs.


Lotus joined the furry fandom in the fall of 2012. Her name "Lotus" (which is a sign of balance in life and faith) was given to her after friends discovered that she was a Sunday school teacher as well as being a member of the furry fandom. She was once quoted saying "Most churches I've been to don't understand furries and are not very nice to them. I guess I like being the acceptation to the rule." She is also known as a mother figure due to her love of the cub and babyfur community.


Lotus's fursuit was made by Mischief Makers and was debuted in 2013 at Califur 9. The suit features a long blue wig attached to the head, as well as a large heart-shaped blue marking that covers the chest and belly of the suit.

Current Events[edit]

Lotus Wolf's voice and face were used heavily in a local San Diego CBS report in 2013. The video can be found on YouTube currently[2].

Also on January 18th of 2015 Lotus's long time mate Raven Welesa proposed to her at the end of their performance of "A thousand Years" at FC:Unleashed[3]. A week later on January 23rd, Lotus and Raven were married in a small ceremony in San Diego, CA.


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