Lost Domain

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Lost Domain
Author(s) artsy_Kay24
Launch date January 20, 2021
End Date Ongoing
Genre Fantasy, action

Lost Domain is a fantasy/action webtoon created by Artsy_Kay24, and published by WEBTOON.


A story about a young werewolf, Ren, how he adjusts to his new life at a new village, the mysteries like a curse on Ren, the rise in demon population, and the appearance of a dangerous, little known, extremely rare portal, thought to be the connection to the Lost Domain mentioned in a legend.


As of Mar 8, 2022, Lost Domain has a rating of 9.58/10, 50,761 subscribers, 1,3 million views, and 97,846 likes across all 27 episodes on WEBTOON CANVAS; 293 subscribers, 8,200 views, and 447 likes across all 20 episodes on Tapas.

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