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Lost or Lost Requiem, LostR, Lost_R, and OutLostR is a writer, 2D artist and 3D artist from Riverside, California. He made his debut on the Internet in mid-2007, shortly after graduating high school, and came out with his first fanfiction "Virgin Springs" shortly afterward. He doesn't consider himself a furry, but has no qualms with furries in general or working on furry projects.

Artistic Background[edit]

Lost went to college to practice his art skills, and didn't start publishing official artwork until 2010. He describes his primary talent in writing, but is trying to balance it and his art skills out. All of his writing skills have been self taught as a result of reading and writing a lot growing up.


Lost suffers from severe OCD inherited genetically, but didn't understand this until he was 16. He has explained that this is hasn't seriously affected his life yet, but he does admit to experiencing frequent intrusive thoughts.

Notable Projects[edit]

Bondage Princess May[edit]

A long running original series about a young boy turned into a girl by a bondage mistress and introduced into a world of intense sexual fantasies. It ascended from an RP with an online friend by the name of Ikataii, who then encouraged him to publish it online. The RP ended somewhere around page 150, but Lost continued to write the series.

Bondage Princess May: Boytoy Jay[edit]

A spinoff of Bondage Princess May, Boytoy Jay revolves around one of the families in the community introduced in chapter 8. The protagonist is described as being essentially the same as Max before his sex change. The spinoff was explicitly created to appeal to yaoi fans, even though there are still scenes between boys and girls involved.

The Patamon Timeline[edit]

Currently the largest collection of fanfictions Lost has created. Spanning 22 chapters, the Patamon Timeline revolves around the Takari and PataGato couples and their character development between some time before Digimon Adventure 01 and after Adventure 02.

Project SoHAC[edit]

A human-based original series about college girls turned into hermaphrodites by a local eugenics group at the Science of Human Advancement Center. The project has been put on indefinite hiatus since 2008.

Slave Daughter[edit]

A requested series about a father who turns his daughter into a sex slave. Lost admitted to getting burned out by the end of the second chapter due to the original requester micromanaging the series and asking for too many fetishes and expositions.

Sailor Fail[edit]

An aborted series about a Sailor Moon-esque team that infiltrates a succubus queen's castle and gets enslaved by its inhabitants. Requested by the same person who requested Slave Daughter, Sailor Fail was planned to be a staggering 15 chapters long excluding the prologue, but was aborted before the third chapter could be released due to excessive micromanagement.

Jessie's Mutiny[edit]

A Pokemon fanfic involving Jessie and Ash, and takes place some time before during the Hoenn Arc. Currently, only one chapter has been published, but Lost has expressed interest in further developing the story.

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

An untitled Sonic the Hedgehog project that currently has no distinctly developed plot. Lost has taken a hiatus from the series until he can come up with a gripping and interesting plot.


A Digimon Tamers fanfic that involves a lot of gender swapping between Takato, Rika, Renamon, and Guilmon.


The first commission Lost received, from Nicobay. According to Lost, the directions he was given was just a list of Nicobay's favorite Digimon, and that he wanted to see some humiliation. The commission has been completed since chapter 5, but Lost intends to wrap everything up at chapter 9.

Patamon's Vee Time[edit]

A request for a Patamon and Veemon relationship, but somewhere during development, Lost changed Veemon from a male to female.

Nintendo Frenzy[edit]

A crossover series involving Nintendo-exclusive characters from the Mario, Zelda, and Star Fox franchises to name a few. Hermaphrodite versions of Krystal, Samus, Zelda and Saria go around from one world to another, raping and enslaving various girls. It originally began as an early fanfic Lost wrote in 2007 based on an image as a request, the story got very positive reviews from other readers and encouraged him to turn it into a series in late 2010.

Creator Backlash[edit]

Lost is infamous for being absolute and unwavering on his decisions to end a series. This has led to an occasion where the first comment on a published fanfiction got a response that said "NO SEQUELS" as a preemptive measure, but to no avail. Lost has explained that he doesn't like to create meaningless sequels to stories that have already been completed in fear of creating an empty zombie of a series.

"Think of the Patamon Timeline. It's a series with multiple story arcs that intertwine with one another. One thread of the story links to another, and so on. This all converges on the final chapter, when Patamon realizes that he changed everyone's lives for the better. The plot isn't very complex, but it's still there, and creating a sequel to that is pointless. All I'd be doing is adding in pointless sex scenes that could easily be written as stand alone fanfics, and it cheapens the original experience. Fortunately, these executive decisions begin and end with me, so I don't have to continue a completed series."