Losing My Religion

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Cover of Losing My Religion.

Losing My Religion is a novella by Kyell Gold. It was published by FurPlanet in September, 2015, and first released at RainFurrest 2015.[1]

Losing My Religion is rated NC-17 for adult situations and M/M romance.[1] Its cover art and interior illustrations are by BlackTeagan.[1]


The synopsis of Winter Games reads:[1]

Losing My Religion
Ten tracks recorded live on tour!

Bi Coyote In An R.E.M. Cover Band (Jackson Alley)

The New Kit (Fox) On Bass (Zeb)

Four Guys Living In A Van (Jackson, Matt, Lars, Zeb)

Open Marriage (Jackson)

Ode To Monogamy (Matt, Lars)

You Can’t Fly Without A Wingman (Jackson, Matt)

Don’t Know Much About Much (Zeb, Jackson)

Hot For Teacher (Zeb, Jackson)

When It All Goes To Hell (Jackson)

Can You Get Where You’re Going If You Don’t Know The Way? (Jackson, Zeb)

“Losing My Religion” is the story of Jackson Alley, a coyote in an all-male R.E.M. cover band trying his hardest not to grow up. Tours, he feels, are for playing music and taking full advantage of the openness of his marriage, and having a gay wingman usually helped the bisexual coyote get girls. But his wingman is dating their lead singer now, so Jackson’s left with the new bassist, an ex-Mormon kit fox named Zeb who might be gay, but knows as little about sex as he does about drinking. So Jackson’s going to have to show him the ropes, and hopefully he won’t have to learn any pesky life lessons along the way.

Losing My Religion


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