Lord Tarrion

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Lord Tarrion is a male vampire bat character that appeared on the Eurofurence 14 Pawpet Show "Dreamcatchers" in 2008. His player and voice actor is Fairlight with FinFarenath performing his wings.

The puppet was custom made by Xan for the show. He has red illuminated eyes that flash brightly when he is enraged, and his blinking eyes add a lot to his expression.

Background story[edit]

Lord Tarrion was the leader of the Northern Tribes of The World of Eternal Shadows until his death.


Not much is known about his family. His own daughter, Sky, killed him while in a fight over Black Ice, a substance that was used to bind dreamers in the Dream World.

Friends and foes[edit]

In the Dream World he met Poke and his friends, and immediately there was hostility between him and the ferret.