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Real name Spencer Leow
Profession or hobby DJ, VJ, Music & Video Producer, Voiceover, (Sound, Video, I.T.) Engineer, Consultant, Teacher, Artist Manager.
Character species Grey Wolf, Nardoragon, Nine-Tailed Fox

Loprov (IPA: [loʊ prɒv]), also known as Spencer Leow (IPA: [ˈspɛnsə liaʊ]), is a multi-genre DJ specializing in mashups, music producer, content creator, voice-over, multi-disciplinary engineer and consultant, as well as teacher and artist manager.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Being in the fandom since 2010, Loprov only became publicly active in mid-2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, with his first public appearance debuting as DJ for Misho's Vibe Night - a monthly event night based in the U.S. time zone, hosted on Virtual Reality social platform, VRChat.

Aside from DJing, Loprov produces multimedia content for various platforms such as TikTok and Twitter, demonstrating his capabilities in VR content production, as well as video editing, motion graphics, and music production.

Loprov is a member of the Singapore Furs.


Loprov possesses 3 fursonas, which he described as "reflections of his personality" - A Grey Wolf, Nardoragon (a re-imagination of the dragon species by 3D modeler, Nardo), and the little-known nine-tailed fox. He is mostly seen as a Nardoragon however, despite his claims of the observation to be just a coincidence most of the time.

Convention attendance[edit]

Music Career[edit]

Loprov performing at Furality Aqua 2022

Loprov first started out as a self-taught DJ and music producer under other real life monikers in late 2009. Drawing inspiration from nightlife legends and world-class peers around him, he went on to perfecting his capabilities of working with countless DJ equipment available - from turntables, to CDJs, and controllers. This led him to share stages and provide support to notable DJs and other celebrities in and out of his region.

In the middle of his real-life DJ career, Loprov earned a Guinness World Record record title for being part of the World's Largest DJ Relay in 9th August 2014[1] [2], celebrating Singapore's SG50, an initiative launched to celebrate 50 years of the country's independence from Malaysia, among other involvements.

Loprov performing at Furality Legends 2021

This led to Loprov's non-furry journey taking a turn towards the education sector, being invited as educator to collaborate with several renowned enrichment groups in his hometown around mid-2015, teaching DJ and music production on Ableton classes in private and international schools, as well as hosting workshops for working professionals in and out of the DJ industry.

In 2021, Loprov began his transition of leaving his non-furry DJ life behind, and moved towards the furry DJ scene in a short span of time, making numerous virtual guest DJ appearances in places such as BewhiskeredCon 2021 [3], Japanese V-Tuber Sorami's Countdown New Year Party 2021-2022, Hex Furry Fest 4[4], among other virtual and real-life spaces. During this period, he began releasing several singles under this furry moniker, including 'Temporary',[5] 'Dear - The Single'[6], and 'Live Forever'[7], a tribute to his late mother, Grace.

In 2022, Loprov shifted his focus onto working with furry-adjacent non-profit organizations in the U.S. to provide educational guides in DJing and music production for free, working with Furality Online Xperience to present 'DJing and You - The Basics'[8] - a summarized walkthrough on what aspiring DJs of all ages should know. In the midst of presenting the workshop, Loprov performed at Club FYNN; his choir remix of HIYU's official themes from Legends 2021 and Aqua 2022, blended with a series of pop acapellas and instrumentals, coupled with heartfelt messages to the furry fandom shown on screens, fused into a single high energy musical opening lasting over 4 minutes.[9] This quickly became a critically acclaimed performance in the furry fandom, as well as arguably one of the most-viewed performances of the virtual convention.[10]

In an interview with Loprov on late August 2022, when asked if his performance style in the furry space remains consistent with his real-life performances, he expressed that he 'left that life behind due to creativity limitations and other professional reasons', and 'have no interest to ever return to the 'normie' space', with no further elaboration given.

Music Style[edit]

While Loprov's style of music focuses heavily on mashups, he strives to blur the lines between genres as a personal challenge, to bring out the best of each and every song celebrated by many around the world. His style of music is often described by fans as "the unhinged version of DJ Earworm, David Kim, and/or TMABird", with references sampled from trending memes, as well as fictional satirical comedians such as iDubbbz and Pink Guy. His core focus is to bring festival-standard performances and energy to spaces and crowds, regardless of size, virtual or in-person[11].

Other Endeavors[edit]

Loprov occasionally provides voice-overs for commercial use under another moniker, working with creative agencies and production houses to provide for notable clients such as ASUS[12][13], Grab[14], among many others.

Charity Ventures[edit]

On December 9th 2022, Loprov made a guest appearance with Tirashira Kazuki (forming the DJ duo '2N' or '2Nardoragons') at The Fur Locker's first-ever charity event, 'Shakin' It For Scalies', for the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary. The two-day event raised a total of $4,045.[15]

Personal Life[edit]

Loprov is currently engaged[16], and have no children at this time. His exact age has never been made known publicly.[17]

Loprov has never revealed his face to the public throughout his existence in the furry fandom.

On December 1st 2022, Loprov released a video on Youtube titled 'A Milestone Story'[18], which covered heavy topics such as friends, family, work, and growing up. The video remains unlisted, and the link could only be accessed through a specific tweet on his Twitter.


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