Loose Ferrets

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Loose Ferrets
Author(s) Geo Holms
Update schedule Irregular
Launch date August 31, 2010
End Date Continuing
Genre Comedy
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Loose Ferrets is a webcomic by Geo Holms. Its plot concerns the behind-the-scenes processes which give an unnamed artist their creativity and inspiration.


The main characters of Loose Ferrets are Geo, a muse who happens to look like a raccoon, and Ronts, a newly-created canid character who is still getting a gist of his surroundings and his own slowly-forming backstory.

Geo and Ronts traverse the odd environment of the artist's mindscape, seeking out inspiration (which manifests itself in the form of ferrets) and ideas (which appear as rodents). At the same time, they try to avoid procrastination (which is depicted as a red fox-like creature).

Other charaters they have met along the way are Ambi, a bat-like representation of the artist's ambition, and Morty, the artist's motivation in the form of a badger.

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