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Longinius is a male furry artists from Finland. He is also active in the anime fandom, drawing anime art as well as furry art, although he now concentrates more on being active drawing furry art and publishing it through his Fur Affinity account.[1]


Despite not having a fursona himself at the moment, Longinius has created some characters of his own that he is drawing recurrently.


Aisha as drawn by Longinius

Aisha is a Tigress born in India. She left her home due to oppression and disagreement with her parents and the general strict conditions in her home country. Regarding her family only her mother's name, Lhana[2], and her looks have been made public.

Aisha settled down in her new home and started a relationship with her mate Mei-Yun.


Mei-Yun as drawn by Longinius

Mei-Yun, or Mei for short, is a female member of a yet unnamed species[3] created by Longinius. She is the mate of Longinius' other character Aisha.

Mei was not named by Longinius himself but by his brother.[3]


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