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Gray the Grackle, mascot of Longhorn Furries, drawn by Belle
Official club t-shirt design featuring Gray, drawn by Levy

Longhorn Furries is the furry student organization at the University of Texas at Austin. It was established in September 2021 by Acero, Mac, HALLOW, and Belle.


A student organization called Longhorn Furs was active at the University of Texas from 2015 to 2019. In fall 2021, several students began separate efforts to create a new furry club. Aurora and Acero created a Discord server on September 10th, 2021. A group of furries assembled by Brandon, Belle, and Evan merged into the server on September 20th. Mac and HALLOW, who became instrumental in organization, joined at the same time. On September 21st, Longhorn Furries was registered as an official student organization, with Acero the Dragon as its founding president and Mac as its senior officer.

Early recruiting consisted of contacting students with furry icons in the school Discord hub. Meetups were small and intimate, often consisting of five to ten furries meeting at a table for lunch. In early February 2022, several club members tabled on Speedway; artists Alexgaytor and Belle offered free fursona sketches. HALLOW, who wore their fursuit, became known as the "Speedway Furry." Their efforts drew in a huge influx of students, and the club swelled to dozens of active members.

In response to a larger membership, HALLOW and Mac wrote an official constitution in March 2022. As President, HALLOW convened the first Furry Cabinet on April 18th, 2022. The Cabinet consisted of the President, the Vice President, a treasurer, an event manager, a virtual manager, a parliamentarian, a secretary, and the University Advisor. With HALLOW's guidance, officers grew into these roles and shaped them into their own. A second event manager was added in January 2023 due to the high demands of the role.

Club elections are held six weeks before the final class day of a semester. The President, Vice President, and Treasurer are elected for year-long terms in March, and other officers are elected for semester-long terms in March and November.


Longhorn Furries meets twice a week; Furry Social is Tuesday evening and Furry Picnic alternates between Thursday and Friday afternoon. The club also hosts bowling nights, karaoke, holiday parties, and art shows. There are 30 to 40 active, in-person members, and the club is still growing.

Longhorn Furries also boasts its own budget. Joshua Hale, the first Treasurer, opened the Longhorn Furries bank account in August 2022. In fall 2022, the club began selling official merchandise featuring their mascot, Gray the Grackle. T-shirts are $25 and stickers are $1 or $2.

As it becomes more established, Longhorn Furries has earned recognition from the university-sponsored Swing Out Awards. On March 28th, 2023, Arturo Compean Jr. was nominated for "Outstanding Advisor" for his service as University Advisor to Longhorn Furries.

Belle Walston, the first Virtual Manager, started the Longhorn Furries Zine, which celebrates the artistic and literary prowess of the organization. The first edition, titled Academia, was published in April 2023. It was further featured in an article by the Daily Texan.

Brandon is the incumbent President and Duskycat is the incumbent Vice President.


Term President Vice President Treasurer Event Manager Virtual Manager Parliamentarian Secretary University Advisor
September 21, 2021 ~ April 4, 2022 Acero the Dragon HALLOW vacant Mac HALLOW vacant vacant vacant
April 11, 2022 ~ January 8, 2023 HALLOW Alexgaytor Joshua Grant Belle Raikotogen Aurora Arch
January 8, 2023 ~ April 24, 2023 Grant Kem
April 24, 2023 ~ October 1, 2023 Grant / Providence dusky Brandon Levy Rose HALLOW Blu
October 1, 2023 ~ December 7, 2023 Ellie
December 7, 2023 ~ present Brandon vacant

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