Long Island Furs

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Long Island Furs

The Long Island Furs are a social group based on Long Island, New York. The group was founded in summer 2006.


The group was initially started as weekly diner runs by the Umgotts Studios crew, including The Kemeeleon, Mitsu, Amadeus, Lunamor, and their friends, Joe Meyer, Thilus,and the Fur Keep crew (Gushi, Michelle Latta, and others). Other than that, the only furry activity on the island were occasional Eric Kern's furmeets and the annual furry track at I-CON until Nekonaru Letao initiated the Long Island Furs LiveJournal Community, officially organizing the group and having their first meetup at Nekonaru's OMGWTFBBQ in August of 2006 which continues to this day.

In addition to the BBQ, the group also frequently has bowling meets, public suiting, game nights and house parties. Earlier, meets were coordinated over li-furs.org (by Cubbi) but has migrated to the Telegram group.

Long Island Furries[edit]

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