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LoneWolfGamingn00b, also known as Lone Wolf and Ace Shield (real name Brian Salas),[citation needed] is a furry writer, YouTuber and gamer.

Fandom involvement[edit]

LoneWolfGamingn00b made his way into the furry fandom by accidentally being identified as a furry while making a wolf character for his initial non-furry gaming YouTube channel.

After looking up the meaning of "furry", such as watching a [[podcast|furry podcast) (Knotcast), he finally accepted the title. Researching more about furries, he found that there isn't a really good definition for it, so he came up with the definition Level of Furry.[clarify][citation needed]

LoneWolfGamingn00b is mostly known for his YouTube channel where he plays fur and non-fur video-games.

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