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Lolo Fennec (born 1992) is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker whose lives in Ohio, USA.[1] Her fursona is an Arctic fox-fennec fox hybrid.


Lolo is nearly all-white in color. Her oversized ears are grey with black stripes, with white tufts coming from the inside. Atop her head is a tuft of wild silver hair. Her black eyebrows form into markings all the way down her body to her loins. On her left hip, she has three black dots, and she has a large tail. She sports black and grey striped "gloves and socks".

Lolo's single right eye is turquoise with large eyelashes. Her other eye is covered with a turquoise bandage. Her left nostril is pierced.

Lolo loves a good fight; that is how she lost her eye. She is trained in mixed martial arts and boxing. She is quite pugnacious in her manner and tends to be slightly aggressive. Despite her roughness, deep down, she is a caring, loving, and wise little fox. Not only can she give a good punch, but she can also give good advice to those willing to take it. She is an experienced kitsune, with learned skills and lessons.

Lolo is quite the dancer, and is not known to turn down a good dance-off with a stranger. Her competitiveness and headstrong nature drives her to take on any challenge. This is her strength and weakness at the same time. Often, she will get herself into strange situations due to her stubborn nature.


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