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Logan Husky (Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1985), an AV engineer and video cameraman and editor, currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Logan Husky has been active in the local Melbourne community since 2005. Having studied and worked professionally as an AV technician and in video production, he has brought those skills to use in the fandom in various ways, producing video content for the popular furry podcast, ACTFur On-Air, VJing at MiDFur X, and after producing the MiDFur 2010 highlights video and official con-DVD, headed the MiDFur video department for MiDFur 13, where he produced, directed, shot and edited both the 2 Sense Live Show and 2 Gryphon's "11 Rules" stand-up comedy DVD. He produces videos under Husky Pause Productions, the name taken from an accidental pun from his friend, Little Blue Vixen.

Con/Meet Videos[edit]

MiDFur 2010 (Official convention DVD)

Fur-Jam 2011

MiDFur 13 (Post-production hiatus)

Furry Down Under 2012

Rivfur 2012 (Post-production)

Fur-Jam 2012 (Post-production)


Logan's fursona is a reflection of how he would like to see himself. Playing guitar and listening to the likes of silverchair, Foo Fighters and Green Day through his high-school years, his fursona shows that.

Around both of his forearms, are the green flame tattoos from Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, and around his upper arms, are arm bands similar to those of Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters. He also has the Foo Fighters "double-F" tattoo on his back left-hand shoulder blade.

He's said that if he was to ever sit down and have a beer with Dave Grhol, he'd get that tattoo done for real. It's probably safe to assume that he's a bit of a Dave Grohl fan.

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