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Lobo the Duck is the name of a one-off character introduced in the Amalgam Comics crossover series by DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He is an anthropomorphic duck usually depicted toting guns and ammunition.


Lobo the Duck was one of several new characters in Amalgam Comics to be created from infusing a DC Comics character with a Marvel Comics character. In this case, he was an infusion of DC's Lobo and Marvel's Howard the Duck.


Lobo had previously been mentioned briefly at the end of Bat-Thing #1[1], but appeared properly in his own title immediately following this[2]. The comic featured Lobo, a psychotic bounty-hunter, searching for an unknown villain destroying the world city by city, all the time accompanied by his pet dog, Impossible Dawg (an infusion of DC's Dawg and Marvel's Impossible Man) and attacked by his girlfriend Bevarlene (DC's Darlene and Marvel's Beverly Switzler) for his licentious behaviour towards women.


All Amalgam Comics titles were only ever released as one-off titles, although some characters such as the X-Patrol introduced in the 1996 batch of comics would re-appear under new titles in 1997[3][4]. However, some websites mention that a second issue of Lobo the Duck was drafted out before being cancelled, although how far this is true remains uncertain.[5]


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