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Lizard Sharkragon is a Brazilian furry artist living in Minas Gerais, Brazil. His fursona is the muscled hybrid of shark and dragon (from this fact comes his surname, being a portmanteau of "Shark" and "Dragon").

Some of his Sharkragon's main characters include Sharkbabe, the same hybrid as Sharkragon, but his female counter-part; Sakura Summers, a very horny female surfer lizard; and his boyfriend, Surf Splundger, also a surfer lizard.

On his pictures and comics, some of the fetishes used by him are male submission and nipple licking or sucking (in male characters).

Sharkragon uses Macromedia Flash to make the most of his artworks.

It's also known that he's a very skilled role-player, inspiration for some of his artwork.


Lizard Sharkragon[edit]

Lizard Sharkragon, as depicted by his creator in his newest comic


Lizard Sharkragon, 20 years old, a former worker on Hardbalk Constructions, lives with her partner Sharkbabe on an apartment at Monsteropolis Town, protecting the area from villains. He can to get help from Sandra, a internet-expert dragoness.


  • Resistance on water and fire (as he's a hybrid of a shark and dragon)
  • Fly (using retractile wings)
  • Conjure evil auras (this hability is on training by him)
  • Fast swimming
  • Great muscular strenght


  • Bad singer
  • Sensibility on his nipples, it can makes him easily sexually aroused
  • Cannot to cook


"Sharkie", as his friends calls him, has a very variable personality, with some mood swings. He can to be very gentle and nice with his friends and unpitiful and cruel with his enemies.

Lizard Sharkbabe[edit]


Lizard Sharkbabe, 19 years old, lives with Sharkragon on an apartment at Monsteropolis Town. At nights, she performs sexy dances at Hot Muffin Night Club, as partial strip-teases.


  • Resistance on water and fire (as she's a hybrid of a shark and dragon)
  • Fly (using retractile wings)
  • Throwing energy balls
  • Master of disguises


  • She cannot feel rage
  • Her 38DD breasts, making her a little slower than Sharkragon


Sharkbabe is extremely happy and curious, and many times even innocent.


Smary Monium[edit]


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