Living With You!

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Living With You!
Author(s) Bee, Steve Fox & Hawkey
Update schedule Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Launch date August 18th, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Humour, Slice of life
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Living With You! is a furry slice-of-life webcomic primarily written by Steve Fox and drawn by Bee.


The characters are based on furs who in real life share a house together in Preston, UK, while the comic takes inspiration from a mixture of events that have happened in the household and exaggerated characterisation. Steve has plans to publish the comic round the end of 2008 to early 2009 and hopes to sell copies online and at the Manchester Forbidden Planet store outlet[1].


  • Steve Fox - Male fox. Steve writes most of the Living With You comics and features as one of the main characters.
  • Bee - Female cat. Bee draws the comics and also appears in them as the only female character.
  • Hawkey - Male cat. Hawkey is portrayed as frequently wearing sunglasses, a star tattooed on one cheek and wearing his long coat.
  • Blix - Male rabbit. Blix appears in some of the comics.
  • Pinky - Male raccoon. Pinky features as the comic relief or butt of all jokes, having bared the brunt of an axe in the face, crashing a moped, being insulted and beaten up.
  • Nate - Male human. Nate lives with the others but is the only non-furry in the house.
  • Kryo - Male mouse. Thus far has made some minor appearances.

Themes and running gags[edit]

A running joke of the comic series has been violence, going as far as killing the characters with them resuming life in the next comic as though nothing had happened. Pinky in particular has been a regular topic of ridicule[2], injury[3] and death[4]. Baked treats like cake and muffins have cropped up on a regular basis, one of which is an AIDS muffin that smiles and can speak.


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