Little Tales

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Little Tales
Author(s) Genesis Whitmore
Update schedule tri-weekly
Launch date March 3rd, 2008
End Date Continuing
Genre Slice-of-life
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Little Tales is a webcomic by Genesis Whitmore. It updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Monday and Friday updates are slice of life stories starring Gen (an arctic fox), and her husband Uriel (a wolf) along with their evil cat, Feep, and the many rats that Gen keeps as pets. There is no continuing storyline and the strips are single page jokes or stories (hence the title: Little Tales). Gen is usually the narrator, and Uriel is most often the straight man. The comic stories can range from tales about misadventures with their pets to life lessons to simple husband and wife interactions.

On Wednesdays, a graphic version of the classic G. K. Chesterton story, The Man Who Was Thursday, is published with the main cast being represented by anthropomorphic animals. The story is about Gabriel Syme (an arctic fox), a 'Philosophic Detective', and his attempt to bring down an anarchist organization intent on destroying law and order in all forms. Through a series of lucky events, Gabriel finds himself elected to the Council of Supreme Anarchists who are named after days of the week. Gabriel is elected as Thursday and his fellow members are Monday (a black adder) who is also known as The Secretary, Tuesday (Gogol, a heavily bearded calico cat), The Marquis de Saint Eustache (an elephant) as Wednesday, Professor de Worms (a crow) as Friday, Doctor Bull (a terrier dog) as Saturday, and finally their leader, Sunday, who is a massive polar bear.

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