Little Paws Elementary School

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Little Paws Elementary School
LPES logo.png
Author(s) Owner/Lead admin: Lem Ahnayd
Launch date October 12, 2013
Genre Role play community
Web G
Little Paws Elementary School

Little Paws Elementary School, also known as LPES, is a role play environment where individuals with a cub character can get together, interact, and participate in a simulated world that is as much like real school as textual based interaction allows [1].

The site was created in 2013 by Lem Ahnayd as an attempt to create one of the most structured furry role playing environments online, and to provide a social community to cubs of all ages despite its rather high population of babyfurs. It is led by Lem Ahnayd and Yami Shima.


Despite its short history thus far, Little Paws Elementary School has already underwent three major redesigns [2] [3] [4], which at present is almost entirely PHP based. They moved to a VPS on November 20th due to higher than expected user traffic [5]. There have been some rather fast implementations of new features, including the ability for characters to register and roll their academic stats [6], and a Classroom Matrix to replace the former forum [7].

Features and rules[edit]

Little Paws Elementary offers an IRC channel known as "The Spot", a hybrid forum/journal system with build in notifications known as the "Classroom Matrix", and utilizes various forms of contact including Skype groups to promote socialization and role play amongst it members.

The website is a G-rated environment and does not allow bullying, pornography, graphic language or graphic role play of any sort on any public area of the website [8]. They also emphasize the importance of consent in all interactions [9]. Little Paws Elementary School complies with COPPA standards by requiring all registrants be at least 13 years of age according to their Terms and Conditions [10].


Principal Finn Tusks, drawn by Scribble-Scrabble

Finn Tusks is the unofficial mascot of LPES. The site owner Lem Ahnayd exercises his role as principal through the character. His species choice was inspired by the infamous "mustaches" that walruses have, and the air of dignify that having one would typically provide. Teddy the hippo is also an unofficial mascot of Little Paws and is featured on the "The Rules" [11] and "Our System" [12] pages. By clicking on the character, an mp3 reads the rather lengthy content of each pager to the listener. There are plans to hold a school mascot contest in the coming semester to select an official mascot.


Little Paws Elementary School is a sole proprietorship in the State of Oregon owned and run by Little Paws Elementary School CO.


  • Nursery School, a grade entirely for babyfurs comprises nearly 34% of the school and has remained the largest grade throughout Little Paws Elementary School's existence.
  • The largest source of social website conversions is Fur Affinity, followed by social website Babyfur.ME.
  • Little Paws registered its 200th student on 26 December, 2013.
  • Little Paws averages about four student registrations per day.

Confirmed future features[edit]

Feature Official Mentions Status Notes
Grading Matrix [13]
In Development Expected to be completed by late January, early February.
Note System [14] In Development Expected to be completed by late January, early February.
Student Council [15] Ready for launch Elections to be held in January.
Extracurricular Clubs [16] Ready for Launch Application form and rules to go about by mid-January.
Intramural Sports [17] Mentioned
News Page Redevelopment [18]
Mobile App [19]
School Store [20]

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