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Below are the competition results of fursuit dance competitions. Please edit as necessary as conventions occur!

Convention / Competition 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008 Foxglove Neo PanTyger Oz Kangaroo (as Duke)
Anthrocon 2008 JD Puppy Dex Captain Jack Sparrow
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009 Neo PanTyger Mangusu Theome (as Pepper Pup)
Anthrocon 2009 Phor (as Sinatra) Recca N/A
RainFurrest 2009 Scrambles Bluff N/A
Further Confusion 2010 Phor Nekomon Theome (as Pepper Pup) and Media (as Spook) (tie)
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010 Skroy Mangusu Media (as Spook)
Anthrocon 2010 Phor (as Teef) Skroy ~V~
Further Confusion 2011 Ticer Skroy Recca
Furry Fiesta 2011 Kwik Sebastian Coco Fox
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2011 Mangusu ~V~ Ticer
ConFuzzled 2011 Kiyo and Zakari Spark Wolf N/A
Anthrocon 2011 Mozee Ronnie (as Taun Taun) Mangusu
ČeSFuR 2011 Konu Griseus Monty
Megaplex 2011 Dantee Cynder Media (as Mitsonga)
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2011 Kwik (as Kendi) Digby JJ Fox
Eurofurence 2011 Neo (cat) Ticer Spark Wolf
RainFurrest 2011 Phelix Doryuu Skroy
Midwest FurFest 2011 Kwik (as Kendi) Ronnie (as Taun Taun) Doryuu
Further Confusion 2012 (Choreo) Silver Wolf Rey Rey Tobias
Further Confusion 2012(Freestyle) Phor Monk-A Howee
Furry Fiesta 2012 Silver Wolf Nightfire Oki Doki
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012 Kwik (as Kendi) Phor Skroy (as Bit)
Furry Connection North 2012 Mozee Tyzin Camo (as Rick)
ConFuzzled 2012 Kiyo and Friends (Zakari, Tre Husky, and Tygs) N/A N/A
Anthrocon 2012 Atsu Fawx Ronnie (as Taun Taun) Doryuu
Condition 2012 Bendor N/A N/A
Megaplex 2012 Matsi Wolf Daverab Zoomba
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2012 Toxic Mutt Syd Stoat Kwik (as Kendi)
Eurofurence 2012 Dantee Spark Wolf Tygs
RainFurrest 2012 Skroy Rei (as Step) Enzo
FurFright 2012 Sadie Atsu Fawx Mozee
Midwest FurFest 2012 Ronnie (as Zeke) Atsu Fawx and Ikato Doryuu
Further Confusion 2013 (Choreo) Sekki Doryuu Mangusu
Further Confusion 2013 (Freestyle) Apollo Phor Telephone
Furry Fiesta 2013 Jezabel Kwik Matsi Wolf
Vancoufur 2013 Razzy Lee Mego Morg
Furnal Equinox 2013 SnapBack Red Velvet Ace Shep
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2013 Doryuu Sadie Phor
Furry Connection North 2013 JD Puppy and Sadie Skroy (as Spazz) Atsu Fawx
Biggest Little Fur Con 2013 Apollo Doryuu Diggy (as Subway)
FurDU 2013 Soku Ray Coutzy
Fur-Eh! 2013 Eolis SilentRaver Silver Wolf
ConFuzzled 2013 (Group) Second Frame Crew (Kiyo, Zak, and Ollie (as Vincent)) N/A N/A
ConFuzzled 2013 (Solo) Spark Wolf Mangusu Gen'Ichi
ČeSFuR_2013 Taffka Zoomy Konu
Anthrocon 2013 Skye Sadie Zoomba
Megaplex 2013 Rei (as Riley) Media (as Mitsonga) Rody
Condition 2013 Ronnie (as Zeke) Snapback Neerren
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2013 AlbinoTopaz as Lamarr Ryger Jezabel
Eurofurence 2013 Frisky Soulwolf Faolan Spark Wolf
RainFurrest 2013 Flinch Zoomba Siber Hamster
FurFright 2013 Remix Strobes (as Fenrir) Flinch
Midwest FurFest 2013 (Novice) Shyy Bunny Snowy Bemani
Midwest FurFest 2013 (Veteran) Furternity (Atsu Fawx, Ikato, Flipsta, Trenton, and Blue Thunder) Doryuu Sekki (as Kyowe)
ZodiaCon 2013 Zoomy DiegoWolfFox Monty
Further Confusion 2014 (Choreo) ReyRey Sways&Basil AND Hike WolfPupTK
Further Confusion 2014 (Freestyle) Dwudles Roady (in Ace Fox) Doryuu
Furry Fiesta 2014 (Novice) Alec Coffee Chexie[1]
Furry Fiesta 2014 (Veteran) Silver Wolf Surge Cherry Sodafox[2]
Vancoufur 2014 Daiquiri Peche Razzy Lee
Furnal Equinox 2014 Tica Momo Mojito
Fur The 'More 2014 SheppyMomma Kintari Caw
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 (Solo) Flinch Atsu Fawx (German) Skrat
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 (Group) Furternity (Atsu Fawx, Sadie, Blue Thunder, and Skye) Sparky and Step Ty Fusky and Zoomba
Biggest Little Fur Con 2014 (Novice) Siber Hamster Rinn (wearing Lumin) Okami
Biggest Little Fur Con 2014 (Veteran) Boost Bemani Kai
Motor City Furry Con 2014 Marco Ty Fusky and Bemani Snapback
FurDU 2014 Skittle Blu Mangusu (wearing Apollo Husky)
Fur-Eh! 2014 Frankenfur Fallout Tune
Furlandia 2014 Stella N/A N/A
What the Fur 2014 Neerren Bryan Ush
ConFuzzled 2014 (Solo) German Skrat N/A N/A
ConFuzzled 2014 (Group) Second Frame Crew (Kiyo and Zakari) N/A N/A
Califur 2014 Ookami Telephone Flinch
ČeSFuR_2014 Amber, Zephid, and Pillgrim Zoomy Griseus
Anthrocon 2014 (Novice) Kotto Myke Mojito
Anthrocon 2014 (Veteran) AlbinoTopaz as Tayerr Flinch ReyRey
Anthrocon 2014 (Group) Furternity (Atsu Fawx, Ikato, Flipsta, Sadie, Trenton, and Finn) Gale and Strobes (as Fenrir) N/A
Megaplex 2014 Dalmy Shyy Bunny Kiit and WolfPupTK
Condition 2014 Snapback Red Velvet Clumzy
Arizona FurCon 2013 AlbinoTopaz as Lamarr Anjel Leo
ZodiaCon 2014 Zoomy Monty Fox the Furry
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2014 Bemani Twitch Kendi
RivFur 2014 Dash Tiger Paskhowl tied with WererScritchy Kori Karma
Fur Affinity: United 2014 Mozee Khord Kitty Kintari
Eurofurence 2014 Sekki (as Kyowe) Math Wufsky (German) Skrat
Indy Fur Con 2014 Dalmy Relic Izzy
Mephit FurMeet 2014 Leone Karasaz Zena
Rainfurrest 2014 Sally Daquari JD Puppy and WolfPupTK
Arizona FurCon 2014 Keinse Amaru Leo
Furpocalypse 2014 Strobes (as Fenrir) Dalmy Gale Frostbane
Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend 2014 Kalu Mako G-mon
Midwest FurFest 2014 (Novice) Leone Mex Apollus
Midwest FurFest 2014 (Veteran) German Skrat Ronnie (as Zeke) Skye
Midwest FurFest 2014 (Group) FURReal (Apollo, Diggy, Doryuu, and WolfPupTK) Sparky and Aoi Uptown Funk (Kwik, and Fufu)
Further Confusion 2015 Apollo Raket (as Hogwash) Kai
Rusfurence 2015 Quol and Ti Jimmer Amber and Bast Miriam
Furry Fiesta 2015 (Novice) Twitch Da Woof Proxy
Furry Fiesta 2015 (Veteran) Wolfshire Raket (as Hogwash) Donut
Anthro New England 2015 Aoi Caw Barks2Marfs (Alflor and Shilo)
Vancoufur 2015 Haurbus Popsicle Ro3
Furnal Equinox 2015 Khord Kitty Terra Kun Apollo Wolf
Fur Squared 2015 Racket Wavy Sombra
Motor City Furry Con 2015 Kotto Snapback Terra Kun
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015 (Solo) Zoomba Dark Atsu Fawx
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015 (Group) FURReal (Apollo, Diggy, Doryuu, and WolfPupTK) Sparky and Marco Fur World Order (Mex, JD Puppy, Dantee, Bemani, and Snowy)
FurDU 2015 Tygs Muttasaur Pep Fubar
Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 (Novice) Mystery Motomo Toxxik
Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 (Veteran) Rinn Kai Wolfshire
Furrycon 2015 Khord Kitty Momo (as Temperance) Pawsome Wolf
Furlandia 2015 Pepper Grace Siber Hamster
Confuzzled 2015 Ware Toby Dingo Tygs
Fur-Eh! 2015 Tune Eolis Dekks
What the Fur 2015 Kei Daga Spacewastrel
Fur The 'More 2015 Khord Kitty Shella TJ Fox
Califur 2015 Kai Khord Kitty Axton
ČeSFuR_2015 Fidget Oscar Zoomy
Anthrocon 2015 (Novice) T Alex Nero
Anthrocon 2015 (Veteran) Sadie Kotto Mojito
Megaplex 2015 Dox Drakes Dooks of Weaseltown (Zug-Zug and Mex) Mangusu
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015 Rahne Spoon HiFi
Indy Fur Con 2015 Taeo Tekaeo (aka Luka Tyson) Tesla Khord Kitty
Eurofurence 2015 High Definition Math Wufsky Noodles
Fur Affinity: United 2015 [3] Khord Kitty Nos Hyena Douglas
RainFurrest 2015 Raket (as Hogwash) Rinn Wolfshire
Arizona FurCon 2015 Khord Kitty Montii Laurence
Furpocalypse 2015 Dalmy Caw Gale Frostbane
Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend 2015 [4] Scoob Dooser Spalding
Fangcon 2015 Alex Pheonix Lolo Fennec Shiela
Midwest FurFest 2015 (Novice) Roskey Alflor Kar
Midwest FurFest 2015 (Veteran) Kiyo Strobes (as Fenrir) Mangusu
Midwest FurFest 2015 (Group) Furternity (Atsu Fawx, Finn, Skye, Sadie, and Blue Thunder) FURReal (Apollo, Diggy, Doryuu, and WolfPupTK) N/A
Pawprints in the Snow 2015 [5] BT Ellie Fennaroo
Further Confusion 2016 [6] Rahne Jei Kai
Anthro New England 2016 [7] Bemani Kintari Ra1nmaker
Japan Meeting of Furries 2016 [8] Syui and Hayato [citation needed] N/A N/A
Rusfurence 2016 (Solo) [9] Nismo Quoll N/A
Rusfurence 2016 (Group) [9] Tisero and Jim N/A N/A
Fur Squared 2016 Leone Nekomon Sombra
Vancoufur 2016 Haurbus [10] Khord Kitty Dinero
Furry Fiesta 2016 (Novice) [11] Forte Proxy Guts O Possum
Furry Fiesta 2016 (Veteran) [12] Leone Khord Kitty Roskey and Alex Phoenix (tied)
Furnal Equinox 2016 Kookie[13] (as Muttcaw)[14] Lumen[15] Neerren
FursonaCon 2016 Tony and Allen Explicit Cyber Wolf
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2016 (Solo) Atsu Fawx Dox Drakes Strobes
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2016 (Group) JD Puppy and Shyy Bunny Sparky and AlbinoTopaz (as Tayerr) Bemani and Kar Wereskunk
Motor City Furry Con 2016 Terra Kun Digi Donut
Fur The 'More 2016 Caw Vixx Bandaid
AnthriOhio 2016 Jasper Terra Kun Taeo Tekaeo
Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 (Novice) Mu Gears Sheshero
Biggest Little Fur Con 2016 (Veteran) Pyro and Yuki Doryuu Second Frame Crew (Kiyo and Zakari)
Fur-Eh! 2016 Popcorn Dinero Eolis
Furlandia 2016 Aki-Rain Pepper Night Dragon
Fur-Xoticon 2016 Changling Banter Mutant Vincent Badger
Califur 2016 Bliss Zoran Zacharie
Anthrocon 2016 (Novice) Whisper Banshee Dapper Dog Tao
Anthrocon 2016 (Veteran) Myke T Kotto
Itty Bitty Fur Con 2016 Aquarius Mischief Camdyn
Megaplex 2016 Kwik (as Kendi) Zaphan In Memoriam (Zug-Zug and Tahoe Wolf)
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015 (Novice) Lux Sumiko Graham
Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2015 (Veteran) HiFi Qyt Khord Kitty
Eurofurence 2016 Coco Spark High Definition
Paws on Fire Faolan (1st Place Non-Suit Division) Famis (1st Place Fursuit Division)
Fur Affinity: United 2016 Neko Sai Bree Explicit Content
Indy Fur Con 2016 Terra Kun Digi Relic
Pacific Anthropomorphics Weekend 2016 Khord Kitty Bboy Flitch Spalding
CanFURence 2016 [16] Lumen Celeste Munchkin
Midwest Furfest 2016 (Novice) Rhapsodie Dexter  ?
Midwest Furfest 2016 (Veteran) Aoi Atsu Fawx  ?
Further Confusion 2017 Cody (as Bomber) Dwudles Jei
Furry Fiesta 2017 (Novice) Chexy Owen Thirteen
Furry Fiesta 2017 (Veteran) ArcturusChusky Rhapsodie Phor
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017 (Solo) Dox Drakes Blue Thunder Mangusu
Furry Weekend Atlanta 2017 (Group) Piece of Resistance (JD Puppy, Nero, Daverab) Broads in Atalanta (T and Lazuli) Two Good Boys (Prism and DarkyPup)


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