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The following is a list of characters in the story Seeing Red.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Main Characters[edit]

The story features various characters created by Blood Red Fox, 4 of which are main characters.

Blood Red Fox[edit]

A 25-year-old red fox whose fur is a blood red color. His personality is similar to that of the real life Blood, but he does differ from the real person in terms of age, and occupation. He works at a shop called Play it Loud, which sells just about anything relating to rock music. It's been shown in many chapters that Blood suffers from constant nightmares and just plain "odd" dreams. He lives in room 302 of Southeast Apartments, a large apartment with plenty of space, and does not pay for rent (his uncle, James, does it for him by providing him with the money). Blood likes music, and owns posters of his favorite bands, his most favorite being "The Rising Embers." He also owns an expensive Sunrise sports car, which was given to him as a birthday gift one year before the start of the story. His parents, Chris and Luna Fox, are goths who have always loved their son no matter what. His mate is Victoria (more info on her below) who he married in chapter 14.


Introduced in chapter 5, Victoria Valor (Victoria Fox, as of chapter 14) is a 24-year-old vixen with a personality which Blood (the character) finds attractive. She was born in Wish, but moved to Augusta, Georgia at the age of 10 with her parents. Now at age 24, she has moved back to Wish, and originally resided in room 304 of Southeast Apartments, right next door to Blood. Victoria's first meeting with Blood involved Blood accidentally asking her on a date, and Victoria accepting. Victoria is described as being curvy, thin, takes good care of herself, and her breasts are real. Her parents are Richard and Sheila Valor (introduced in chapter 12). Her mate is Blood, who she married in chapter 14. Currently in the story, she is pregnant with her and Blood's first child.

Sabre Ashfield[edit]

A gray wolf who is Blood's co-worker at Play it Loud. He was introduced in chapter 10 and was revealed to have a very large gun collection in his basement. He is a very well trained sharpshooter, as he shoots Mina squarely in the shoulder in chapter 10 as she flees (he did not know her identity at the time). He used to work for PAROSAL Medical, where he developed many medications. He wanted to make medicines for diseases like cancer and AIDS but was never successful in doing just that. Instead his medicines were used to cure common diseases like common cold and chest pains, and was never satisfied with this. He was Blood's best man at Blood and Victoria's wedding in chapter 14. Recent chapters have seen him constantly talking about the interspecies relationship he had with a black cat named Mary (who he says Mina resembles in many ways), though chapter 18 says that he has cut back on doing this (but in chapter 22, his relationship is described). He seems to be in love with Mina, but is unsure of his full feelings.


A black cat. She is described as having yellow eyes, black hair with red tips, and is usually seen with a guitar case strapped to her back (early on). Mina has a semi-schizophrenic personality. She is usually very kind and likes to be around people, but when she smells the blood of an innocent who has been killed, then she becomes consumed by rage and dons a black and white outfit and a mask, and then proceeds to torture the killer with a knife. Early on she is displayed as being very dark and mysterious, later on she is very calm, unless agitated. She once lived in room 309 of Southeast Apartments with the help of Mr. Sing, but she later left and went to live with Blood's parents, Chris and Luna, at the Sleeping Sun Cafe. She has a hatred towards Mr. Sing for him keeping her locked up. She was once a patient at the PAROSAL Mental Hospital, but left one week before the company went out of business. She at one time knew Blood's uncle, James Fox, but her official connection is unknown. It's also been shown that her blood can "calm" her when applied to her face when she's in partial rage. Her childhood home was 333 Joanna Street (as revealed in chapter 20), and at the age of 17 her parents were murdered. This explains why she is reluctant to talk about her past.

Secondary Characters[edit]

  • Sarah Filth- A teenage goth wolf girl who works with Blood at Play it Loud in chapters 2-7 and listens to hardcore metal. She works afternoons as of chapter 10 (and cameos in chapters 13 and 16). Described as having a sarcastic personality.
  • Anton Benton- Owner of Play it Loud, the shop where Sarah, Blood, and Sabre work at. He is an old goat (literally) and his personality highly varies. He sometimes tends to tell long stories relating to the past (whether it be the "ancient times," or about other things like his family).
  • Zack Waltz- A ferret, and the landlord of Southeast Apartments. He's only been in the story a few times, the longest so far being chapter 16 in which he tells Blood and Victoria that they now need to sign some paper work regarding room 302. His personality is shown to be rather demanding.
  • Mr. Sing- A Chinese panda bear who lives in room 308 of Southeast Apartments. His personality is shown to be friendly most of the time, but when he is ticked off he will act all pissy. He is among one of the most common recurring secondary characters, as just about every chapter mentions him in some form (except for some chapters). Chapter 11 reveals that he was working with Mina for quite some time, and helped her hide in room 309 of the apartment building. Chapter 15 shows that Mina hates him in a way and wants to get away from him (which she does in chapter 16).
  • James Fox- One of Blood's relatives. He once worked for PAROSAL Medical, and used to be the owner of Southeast Apartments. He sold the building to Zack Waltz a year before the start of the story. What he does is unknown, but he also is the one who supplied Blood with his Sunrise sports car. Chapter 11 reveals that he has some history with Mina, apparently having "looked after" her while she was locked up somewhere (most likely the PAROSAL Mental Hospital). Chapter 23 mentions him as apparently knowing Mr. Sing.
  • Chris and Luna Fox- Blood's goth parents. They are described as having a caring personality, as Blood is their only child. They were married at age 18, and had Blood when they were 19. They describe themselves as being "true" goths, and are not like "poser" goths (Chris hates it when people call him and his wife "emo"). They are not surprised with Blood and Victoria taking things quickly in their relationship, like getting married early. They are also the owners of the Sleeping Sun Cafe, a two story cafe with the top being where they live and the bottom being the cafe and it's one of the biggest hotspots in Wish.
  • Richard and Sheila Valor- Victoria's parents. They are just a regular suburban married couple, with Richard typically concerned for his daughter. Not much is known about them, but they live in Augusta, Georgia and their first meeting with Blood was an awkward one (Victoria and Blood answered the door shirtless, and Richard thought that they were "sleeping" together). Richard works for "Vista Unlimited" as a computer technician, and Sheila works as a nurse at "Augusta Medical Center."
  • William Ashfield- Sabre's father. He has only truly been in the story in chapter 24. A former British military man, he dresses in fatigues a lot and has a huge gun collection, a trait which Sabre inherited. He hates it when Sabre tries to look up any old info on former PAROSAL stuff, as there are still people who want to revive it. He was divorced when Sabre was only 4, and moved to Wish shortly afterwards.
  • Evan Miller- A coyote and an escaped convict. In 2006 he was the one who killed Mina’s parents. Chapter 25 reveals that Miller was at one time a patient at the PAROSAL Mental Hospital where he was originally a patient of Mina’s father, Daniel Lynn. He suffered from severe depression (his fiancé was killed a week before their wedding and he attempted suicide) and while at the hospital he vowed that he’d never love again (stating that it only brought him pain). It’s also revealed that he was also experimented on by PAROSAL long before Mina, but was considered a “reject” due to his rage being uncontrollable. As part of the experiments he gained large sharp claws (a rarity in the world of Seeing Red) and faster speed. In chapter 27 it’s revealed that he never meant to kill Daniel and Camilla Lynn, but was forced to by being given a mind-altering drug before going into rage. He says that he escaped from jail because “they” were after him. Who “they” are has not been revealed as of yet. He’s killed off in chapter 27 by Blood’s uncle, James, with a sniper rifle before Blood and the others try to get information about “they” from him.
  • Louis- No last name has been revealed for Louis, but it's know that he is a ring-tailed lemur hailing from Jekyll Island (an island off of the Georgia coast where, in the story, is an area where much of Georgia's lemur population is) who moved to Wish with his parents when he was only seven years old. A former police officer, he switched to being a mall cop after getting involved in attacking a PAROSAL facility in 2006 on his home island and seeing all of the gruesome torture his fellow lemurs were being put through. In the story, Louis is described as having ears that are seven inches long (a trait that is said to have appeared in Georgia coast lemurs around the 1980s in the story).
  • The Rising Embers- A mixed gendered alternative metal band from Redmond, Washington, and are Blood and Victoria's favorite band. It is evenly mixed gendered, featuring 2 girls and 2 guys. Chelsea (a vixen) plays guitar, Zeta (a skunk) plays bass, Jeff (a meerkat) plays drums, and Daniel (a wolf) plays guitar and does most of the vocals. One thing unique about the band is that whenever a member of a band writes a song, that member sings in the song he or she wrote. They've only been in chapter 4, but have been mentioned various times.

The "Victims"[edit]

Victims is the name given to those experimented on by the defunct PAROSAL Medical corporation, primarily with an experiment referred to as "Project P.R.I.M.A.L." Groups of Victims are either out living in the streets, just living their lives since they can control their "rage" associated with the experimentations. Many others are inside of hospitals (those who can control it but it happens at certain specific times of day) or inside of asylums (those who have problems controlling their rage because they "snap" because of one thing). A group of four Victims were introduced in chapter 35. Inside of the Dark Forest Asylum (located in Wish) are: Luke (a stallion), Stephanie (a white rabbit), Frank (a raccoon), and Kim (a hawk). All four of which have their own personal ways of "snapping" (like Frank will go into rage and attack anyone if he sees blood). Out of all of them, Luke is the one who wishes to leave the most and Frank tends to be a little crazy at times. Not much is known about Stephanie and Kim.