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The following is a list of characters in the comic series Furthia High. The story is predominately set in the universe of an Earth that has seen the majority of its human population phased out and replaced by anthropomorphic, or furry, residents.

Major characters[edit]

  • Kale Williams - Male human, age 16. The "main character" of the comic, he's a friendly and kind-hearted boy, but also shy, nervous, and sometimes overly pessimistic; Strip 11 hinted[1] at him having some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. He is also revealed to be an amnesiac concerning his own past, and is revealed to have been a fox at birth who was taken from his biological parents and forcibly transformed into a human; it is this fox version of Kale which battles him in Kale's comatose world for supremacy and revenge following his being accidentally hit by an oncoming car[2].. For one story arc, and very briefly, he fought using a fencing sabre (which Fox Kale refers to as a "toothpick").
    • In the original canon, his name was Kale Goodman, age 14.
  • Fox Kale (Fale) - Male silver fox, apparently age 16. The fox that Kale originally was born as, he was recently awakened due to a fall down Bruce's basement stairs, and has repeatedly sworn to take down the people that made Kale the way he is. He wears a black hoodie and black jeans. He had previously disguised himself with a smooth mask with a slit for one eye, with the alias "Mask" (curiously, his tail is absent in this getup as well). He has the ability to shroud himself with inky shadows, and has attempted to envelop both Kale, and Max Beradino. He fondly wields a large two-handed sword. He apparently has some regenerative capabilities, as he was able to instantly recover from being stabbed through the chest by Kale's sabre. He sustained serious injuries due to Max Beradino's exploding knife, and hasn't been seen since, presumably recovering.
  • Human Kale (Hale) - Male human, apparently age 16. Kale's human side, he looks exactly like Kale, except he wears a white hoodie and gray jeans. He is around to keep Kale's fox side in check, and is shown to have a horrible sense of humor. He seems to have the ability to negate Fox Kale's shadow powers. He appears to know quite a bit of how Kale's mind works, but often sends him off before Kale has a chance to ask.
  • Bruce Beradino - Male red fox, age 17. Annoyingly extroverted and random, but means well. Bruce appears to fluctuate between being caring and acting insensitive concerning serious events, sometimes even switching moods in an instant. He is apparently a fan of LARPing, soap operas, and power metal.
    • In the original canon, his name was Bruce Renard, age 15.
  • Christopher Hamachek - A male white French Lop rabbit, age 16, more commonly known as "Campy". Spends a great deal of time sleeping, though recently he's been more active, appearing to be a bit of a sensible foil to Bruce's antics. He is the literate, artistic type, spending his free time reading and writing poetry. It was recently revealed that he is in fact bisexual. He apparently has romantic feelings for Kale.
    • In the original canon, his name was Christopher Ballade, age 15.
  • Ashley Parker - A female orange and white cat, age 16. Protective and strong of her friends, but can be very bossy and headstrong. She may even come off as heartless and selfish, but she's merely very assured that her way is the best way for her and her friends. Despite being tomboyish, she has a habit of wearing fairly feminine clothing. In a filler strip, it is revealed that she abhors any hint of bisexuality, by outright refusing to kiss Eve, amidst the goading of QuetzaDrake himself.[3]
    • In the original canon, her name was Ashley Macska, age 15.
  • Lupin Gibb - A male gray wolf, age 17. A fairly sadistic bigoted bully whom antagonizes Kale for his "uniqueness". Has a small group of "friends", including Gus, that he leads around. Very focused on masculinity and has a great deal of trouble listening to others' orders. He works at a newly-opened cafe, as a cook. He is shown to be a master chef on many occasions, taking criticism from his mother, Bruce and Gus.
    • In the original canon, his name was Lupin Levowitz, age 16.
  • Gus Brame - A male calico cat, age 16. A follower unable to make his own decisions as he grew up with many older siblings that bossed him around, which carried over to following Lupin during school. Acts tough and masculine in front of his group, but is actually fairly meek and submissive. Has a fairly obvious crush on Ashley. Recently, though, Bruce has toughened him up by beating him with a wooden spoon whenever he tried to shy away from something.
    • In the original canon, his name was Gustav Gratowski, age 15.
  • Eve Dusek - A female ring-tailed lemur. Established as a bisexual freshman and so is likely age 15-16. Kale's significant other, Eve was once singled out for her nerdy traits, similar to Kale, and sometime between Kale's fight with Lupin and the Autumn ball, she and Kale met and went to the ball[4]. She is good friends with Ashley Parker, but is timid in contrast to Ashley's confrontational demeanor. It is hinted that she knows a bit about Kale's inner conflict, as she inquires about them seemingly often, while Kale withholds this information[5]. Non-canonically, she is a bit dominant, and QuetzaDrake has said that she and Kale have engaged in sexual activity.
    • This character did not appear in the original canon.
  • Connor O'Kane - A male black-backed jackal. He is bisexual and a sophomore, making him around the age of 16-17. He is plays the violin, and is currently Campy's boyfriend, having met the rabbit by accident when the two bumped into one another. Connor seems to have a license as he drove Campy and him to the prom. He is adopted due to the fact that his mother, Heather, is a squirrel, while his father, Roswell, is a horse. Currently, there may be some strain in Connor and Campy's relationship when Connor finds Campy making snow sculptures of female rabbits. He and Bruce seem to harbor a hatred of each other, due to competing over Campy's attention. When this erupts into a fistfight/brawl, Campy intervenes and tells them both off, forcing them to kiss as retribution.
    • This character did not appear in the original canon.
  • Felicia Meyers - A female black panther, age 17. A narcissistic and manipulative seductress that enjoys using others for her own means. Has an antagonistic rivalry with Ashley that began in childhood.
    • In the original canon, her name was Felicia Hood, age 16.
    • Has yet to appear since the restart. QuetzaDrake has had a poll on his site asking whether Felicia would be "missed" if she were to not appear in the new canon, leading one to believe that he may or may not be bringing her back.
  • Max Beradino - A male fox, age 36, and Bruce's father. Max (a married bisexual decades ago) apparently lost his wife after the birth of his son; believing her to have been his one true (female) love, he could not bring himself to date other women, thus swearing them off for good. This resulted in him becoming a very flamboyant homosexual; however, he still acts the role of a very concerned and caring father for Bruce. Also may have something to hide, as he deviates from Kale's questions concerning his fall in the third arc. He is shown to be a leading factor in Kale's shady origins, claiming that Fox Kale was a stain that he forgot to smudge out[6]. He and Fox Kale have a battle within Kale's mind, injuring them both, but he hinted at the possibility that the "him" that was inside Kale's mind might have been a failsafe implemented long ago. This claim is backed up, due to the fact that Max is perfectly fine in the real world. He wields a knife very similar to Kensei Muguruma's from Bleach.
    • This character did not appear in the original canon.
  • Cyrus Williams - A male cougar, and Kale's adopted father. In the original canon, Cyrus is shown to be a rather strict father figure, but still loving Kale nonetheless. In the new canon, though, he takes on a bit darker role, seeming to know full and well that Kale was originally a fox, and is apparently employed by the same group that Max Beradino and Hugo are with (Max states to Cyrus that they're to wait for orders)[7].
    • In the original canon, his name was Cyrus Goodman
  • Hugo Auttenberg - A male skunk, he appears to be a "business partner" of both Cyrus Williams (Kale's father) and Max Beradino. Under this guise, he seems to be directly tied in to Kale's past, although he isn't shown in the vision that the Door gave Kale. Kale and his family know him quite well, as a family friend, and refer to him as "Uncle". He is also hinted to be gay, as he takes jabs from Max regarding his "previous encounters" with him very warmly. In addition, he claims that Cyrus (being strictly straight) isn't as "fun" as Max. His clothing is, according to QuetzaDrake, based off of Godot from the Ace Attorney video games[8].

Random characters[edit]

Since the beginning of the restart, the comic has featured randomly-generated furs as additional cast and background characters. The system used is actually the same used by Concession, having been given to him by that comic's creator, Immelmann. There are only a few alterations from the system in that there is no Religion given to the characters; instead, a School Year is picked, from Freshman to Junior to Super-Senior and also that the usage of Dinosaurs is replaced by the cover-all species of Birds (the specific species of bird picked by QuetzaDrake by choice).

Randomly-generated characters in Furthia High tend to actually have a better chance of reappearing than in Concession, due to them usually being students as opposed to one-time customers. In fact, a number of characters have been made into relevant people to the main cast, from childhood friends (Jorge the red panda) to newly-acquired friends (Ryan the coyote and Eve the ring-tailed lemur).