List of characters in Furry University

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The following is a list of characters in the story series Furry University.


  • Lindsay Dunmore: Lindsay is a male human from Forestgrove, Montana (on the "surface world," as the furries call it.) He was invited to attend the new furry college in Hollow Earth at the request of a female rabbit battlemage that he had met some years ago. He is the main character in this series.
  • Joseph "Joey" Huxley: Joey is a male Australian were-kangaroo originally from Australia who went to the United States to live with his lovable Uncle Reed. He agrees to accompany Lindsay into Hollow Earth, where he develops an adorable crush on Lindsay.
  • Dennis Andrews: Dennis is a male arctic fox who was originally majoring in Politics, but after a miracle involving his life, he switched majors to learn the teachings of the furry goddess of the trees, Okali.
  • Shaquil "Shaq" Pernardo: Shaq is the ever annoying, ever inventive, foul-mouthed male tabby cat on campus. He was originally Dennis' roommate, but in later episodes, he finds that he is actually in love with Joey.
  • Chalchi "Jade" Uhtlicue: Jade is a huge female iguana who comes from a mobster family to the south of Sun Raven City in Hollow Earth. She occasionally dates various males on campus, but her main calling card is her massive muscles and short temper.
  • Smoke-Over-Rushing-Stream "Smokey": Smokey is a male grizzly bear who actually lives off campus and is mainly into the Zen living of a bachelor. He is one of Dennis' best friends.
  • Rocket James: Rocket is a male flying squirrel who is rarely seen out and about on campus. This is because of the radiation treatments that he must endure in his dorm room. But ever friendly, he is just a nice guy to be around.
  • Gusto Cristian: Gusto is a slender, yet athletic male otter who is a connoisseur of fine adult board games like Strip Monopoly, KY-Sorry, Yiff-Me Scrabble, Trivial Sex, just to name a few... He is the roommate to Rudolph Ranger.

The Reverse Polarity[edit]

  • Rudolph Ranger: Rudolph is a large muscular male dalmatian who works part time at the Reverse Polarity, one of the cleaner and nicer male strip clubs on campus. He is the best friend and roommate to Gusto, and supports Dennis' decisions on campus, absolutely.
  • Asim Sahndeem: Asim, also known as The Ripper, is a buff and muscular Arabian stallion who is the star performer at the Reverse Polarity. According to Rudolph, Asim is a little bit too big for everybody. Said with a smile and a wink, of course.
  • Pierre Robinson: Pierre is a buff and muscular male French skunk who owns the Reverse Polarity. He cares immensely about his employees and helps all of them whenever they have a problem. He pays well too; just ask Rudolph how he got his new sports car.
  • Frances Yukon: Frances is a male husky stud who is the main manager of the Reverse Polarity. He is often orchestrating the stage performances and acquires all of the costumes for the performers. He has a kinky fascination for male humans, like Lindsay.
  • Yeo Orlando: Yeo is that crazy jazzy kook of a DJ who pilots the production booth during the stage shows. He is a male cockatoo who acts completely off the wall. He talks strangely, too. When not working the club, he can be found as a sports announcer for Ravibren campus. Yeo likes Colin Young (JeffKun's character) as a good friend.

Ravibren Campus Faculty[edit]

  • Omar Kinsbert: Omar is a male owl and current Dean of the university. He was originally a human Dean at the University of Florida where he had been hosting a furry student program. When the program was cut out from under him by a hatefully concerned parents group, Omar made the choice to join the furry circle, with Warneeri's aid, and funded and built the current Ravibren University campus in Sun Raven City in Hollow Earth.
  • Coyle Padraig: Coyle is a male panther who teaches the furry version of Sex Education on campus. It is never a dull class, though he was originally prejudice against humans. After getting to know Lindsay better, he softened up considerably.
  • Lance Sethnic: Lance is a male black wolf who is also the campus coach of all of the sporting activities at Ravibren. His most fascinating joy is to get Lindsay to join various sporting teams on campus, as either a player or a coach. Lindsay tries to avoid Lance like the plague because of that.
  • Pallas Andrea Erasmus: Ms. Erasmus is a female boar who handles the campus Drama Club. She is quite nice to know and is always willing to help the students with anything within reason. Her main love is the stage and producing plays is what she lives for.

Princely Otter Fellowship[edit]

  • Warneeri: Warneeri, not her real name, is a female black rabbit battlemage who stands over seven feet tall and always wears some form of black robes or dark colored cloaks over black travelling clothes. She is originally from Trail Down to the north of Sun Raven City, and is a proud member of the Princely Otter Fellowship. Her greatest love is to blow people up by using her fire spells. She is married to her fellow adventurer, Huckleberry.
  • Huckleberry Slyfingers: Huckleberry, sometimes called Huck, is a male ferret "acquirer" (his term for a thief) who helps with security on campus. Who better to trust about security than an acquirer, right? He is married to Warneeri and will do anything to please her.
  • Garla Canopyskimmer: Garla is the voice of Okali on campus. She is a female flying squirrel Okali priestess. She is always playing nurse to someone on campus as well as preaching the teachings of her goddess to anyone who will listen to her. Overall, she is very kind and makes great cookies.
  • Brand Irondam: Brand is akin to a Native American type male beaver who despises civilization in all of its varied forms and he isn't afraid to let you know about it. He is a scout by nature but has a fondness for certain humans that he has met in the past. Lindsay is one of the few he likes.
  • Rab Streambattle aka Royal Prince Rab Lutraon: Rab is a male sea otter furry from the kingdom of Lutraon on the west coast of the continent. He hated being a prince so much that he ran away and received training to become a samurai adventurer. He is the current leader of the Fellowship and is always glad for any adventurer that can take him places he has never been before.
  • Gotaki Riverclaw: Gotaki is a female wolf ninja (shadow warrior and professional assassin). She comes and goes whenever she pleases, though she and Warneeri have an old rivalry between them, especially concerning the opposite sex. This can lead to cat-fights between the two friends.
  • Hoz'arr of the Sapphire Steppes: Hoz'arr is a male Clydesdale horse Barbarian Weapons master who was the teacher to Rab Streambattle originally, when the young otter needed to learn how to properly use weapons. He is completely illiterate, so don't let him near any books without pictures. He isn't seen much, but when he is, you can expect to see some heavy duty arms and armor education occurring.