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The following is a list of characters in Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures.


Left to right: Merlitz, Photophie, Miss Mab, Pip, Wildy, Daniel Ti'Fiona and Jyrras

Main characters[edit]

Daniel Ti'Fiona
A retired feline adventurer, Daniel is one of the main characters of the comic. He loves ale and has a strong fascination for Amazons. It has been revealed that Dan is an incubus. Currently, he is struggling to come to terms with his 'cubi heritage at the Succubus and Incubus Academy (SAIA) with the 'assistance' of Abel and Fa'lina. He resides in the basement of his sister's tavern and inn, Lost Lake.
Miss Mab
Mab is a feline fae. Usually a whimsical, happy-go-lucky character, Mab has a penchant for hugging anything and everything within reach. In fact, she possesses a list of "Things to Hug." However, don't get her angry. She once blew up an entire glen when aggravated. Apparently thousands of years old, Mab used to live in a distant Fae kingdom, although she left after an issue with Queen Nutmeg (Mab was at one time a queen of the kingdom.) She has been unable to order potato skins after witnessing her parents destroy a restaurant while arguing over what to order. Also appears to be planning a major "revolution" of a darker kind: she foresees Jyrras playing a large role.
Pipclideous Dominiscus
Simply nicknamed 'Pip,' he is a golden drake owned by Miss Mab. Easily angered and quite fierce, Pip will often attack anyone that comes within lunging distance, with biting as his preferred method of attack. He especially targets Dan and photographers. He seems very protective of Mab and will attack anyone that makes any advances at her.
Jyrras Gianna
A kangaroo rat/kangaroo mix, Jyrras is one of the most brilliant inventors in all of Furrae. He is rather shy and dislikes attention. Most notably, he has an aversion to being called "cute." As a result, he wears glasses (although he doesn't need them) to create a nerdy visage rather than a cute one. He is credited with inventing "patches," devices that use both technology and magic to alter the users' physical appearance. He has a long-standing crush on Lorenda (and to a lesser extent, on Dan as well), which he had been repressing until Abel unintentionally learned of it while scanning his mind; he has since become very self-conscious about this, and has been trying to bring up the courage to talk to Lorenda about his feelings towards her. He finally has spoke of his feelings to Lorenda, but began hiding from her afterwards. Also, he spoke of his feelings for Dan to him, thinking he was talking to Alexsi Ti'Fiona.
Lorenda Soulstealer
Lorenda is a cow/demon-mare hybrid. As such, she is carnivorous, a trait rarely seen in bovines. Since she is half-demon, she has had a hard time keeping a job. She used to work at Twink Territories, a haven for powergamers and godmoders everywhere until she met Jyrras, who offered her a place to shack up in return for not devouring him. She currently lives with him near Lost Lake.
A boisterous, devious and somewhat tomboy-ish ferret, Wildy is small compared to the rest of the cast but she is quite fierce at times, perhaps rivaled only by Pip. With a sharp tongue and a tactless demeanor, she is unafraid to speak her mind. However, she is very protective of her friends and is very open with them. She lives in an apartment away from Lost Lake, yet spends most of her time at Lost Lake. Wildy lacks modesty when it comes to her body, and often answers the door topless.
Alexsi Ti'Fiona
Daniel's half-sister and fellow feline, Alexsi runs the tavern and inn known as Lost Lake. Unlike Dan, she does not possess a 'cubi heritage (Alexsi's father remarried after her biological mother's death). She is quite often seen with a comically oversized mallet (inherited from her mother) which she uses to forcibly eject unruly tavern patrons or inn customers. She is attracted to Pyroduck.
Merlitz Meshaiko
Yet another feline cast member, Merlitz is a practicing fire mage. Currently working as Alexsi's bodyguard, over the years he has become attached to the rest of the Lost Lake denizens. Many consider him the straight man of the cast. Mab once had a crush on him, but she gave it up when he started dating Aaryanna, a succubus. He and Aaryanna broke up when Aaryanna accepted a professorship at SAIA, leading him to go back into adventuring, and thus has left Lost Lake for the moment.
Nobody knows much about Pyroduck, although he has revealed himself as a time-traveler. He is perhaps best known for making witty comments about the occurrences at the inn, often breaking the fourth wall in the process. Sometimes he will disappear into the countryside to explore, dropping by Lost Lake to offer his quips and comments at exactly the right time. It has been revealed that he is a dragon and has expressed interest in Alexis. Abel upon their first meeting, seemed to act as if he knew Pyroduck previously, which was proved true when Fa'lina enquired after him. Abel has an intense dislike for the dragon.
An adventurer as well as a vulpine fae, Azlan is fun-loving and quite silly at times. Many of his appearances serve as comic relief. Azlan quickly learned that very few adventurers would take a fae seriously, so he uses a patch to alter his wings' appearance and hide his fae antennae. Azlan often tells stories of the exploits of his off-screen wife Neni, who appears to cause chaos wherever she goes. He carries around a "squeeky koala of doom," a gift from Neni.
Merlitz encountered Aaryanna during one of the cast's many adventures. A feline succubus, Aaryanna graduated from the Succubus and Incubus Academy (SAIA) roughly 25 years ago and since then has been seeking her favorite teacher, Destania, who left SAIA on an assignment and never returned. A phoenix oracle led her to believe that Daniel had killed Destania and she set out in search for Dan. A short fight ensued, but Mab forced the two to talk things out. During her stay at Lost Lake, she attempted to tutor Dan in the ways of the 'cubi, much to his dismay. She has an affinity for toast and recently became SAIA's new professor of pain and torture.
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Abel Dimitri Rewanz
Like Dan, Abel is a feline incubus. Unlike Dan, Abel has fully embraced his cubi heritage and is one of the top students at SAIA, although he has filled his schedule with menial classes such as grass growing and tennis. Abel has been banned from the SAIA library due to the "Library Incident." (Much like the "Noodle Incident" of Calvin and Hobbes fame, it has never been described yet it has been referenced on occasion.) He has also been hell for the rooming assigners, who have to find him new roommates as often as once a semester. He also seems to have a grudge against dragons, but this might be related to all 'cubi. Abel has also been assigned to Dan as his 'cubi tutor. While showing a dissatisfaction in leaving SAIA and being a tutor, Abel does seem to genuinely care for Dan's well-being.

Secondary characters[edit]

Kria Soulstealer
A demon-mare and Lorenda's mother, Kria could be termed the stereotypical demon, as she believes that might makes right, and that the meek shall not inherit the earth. Before she discovered that she was pregnant with Lorenda, Kria devoured her husband after she discovered him cheating on her. Her daughter being her one soft spot, Kria tries her best to maintain her relationship with Lorenda, despite her daughter's continuing association with those... lessers.
Wildy's brother, Biggs is the ruler of Twink Territories. Like all ferrets, Biggs is diminuitive in size but is a fearsome ruler. He has a long rivalry with Wildy, and several encounters ended violently... most with Wildy emerging triumphant.
The Basement Rats
Dan's roommates, the four rats have never been seen outside of the basement, except for at SAIA, yet contain a good deal of street smarts. Their names are unknown, except for the female, Photophie. The dark grey one has never been noticed awake. Although they refer to each other as "Bro" and "Sis," only Photophie and the light grey male are actually related.
Matilda Kissriss
A female Mythos, Matilda owns a small magical homes and knick-knack store. It is definitive that she is attracted to Daniel, citing the fact that she gave Dan an expensive sword for free and flirts with him constantly. Dan initially recoiled in their first encounter, ("For all I know, you could be under some subliminal [cubi] charm influence...!") but he now may be returning the affection after their second meeting at the mall.
Dark Pegasus
A demonic pegasus, Dark Pegasus was one of Dan's most erstwhile foes. In their most recent encounter, where Dark Pegasus attempted to overthrow the kingdom of H-ann and resurrect a dark god for the third time, he and Dan engaged in a fight to the death. Dark Pegasus was vanquished once again and Dan banished his soul by means of an ancient ritual. ("Bad Pegasus! No come back to life! Stay dead! No cookie!!!")
A phoenix (but not the flaming type) and a natural arbitrator, Aliyka is an odd combination of adventurer and peace advocate. Therefore, she is usually hired as a messenger rather than an adventurer.
A canine succubus with a love for muffins, Fa'lina is the headmistress of SAIA, which she founded several thousand years ago. Though the exact relationship and its circumstance is unknown, it is known that Abel and Pyroduck are more or less considered adopted by Fa'lina.
The result of one of Jyrras' experiments. A bit of magical energy reacted with some bubblegum Jyrras was chewing to form a pink, rabbit-shaped, sentient bubblegum-being. In an ill-advised move, Jyrras allowed her to pick her own name. She chose "Deathbringer" since it sounded cool. Most simply call her "Deebs."
Edward Ti'Fiona
The previous owner of Lost Lake, Edward is Alexsi and Dan's father. He protected an injured Destania when a band of adventurers at the tavern threatened to kill the succubus, knowing full well that he risked his life in doing so. However, Edward and Destania fell in love, married, and had a baby boy named Daniel. His current location is unknown.
A former professor at SAIA, Destania left SAIA on an assignment. She had been attacked during the assignment and stumbled upon Lost Lake, where she met Edward Ti'Fiona, and married him. The rest is history.
She is currently residing in the Twink Territories - the reasons as to why have not yet been fully explained.
A Warp-Aci, a magically created creature, that is currently "owned" by Dan. Originally summoned by Fa'lina, but when Pip chased him into a portal-bearing sword, the connection with Fa'lina was broken. Instead of having Fa'lina dispose of Fi, Dan took up ownership of him. As with all Warp-Aci, he can teleport, or create warps in the dimensional fabric of space, and is Dan's main way of getting back to SAIA.
The Mows
Although not really characters in their own right, the mows still must be mentioned for sake of completeness. Mows are the DMFA equivalent to tribbles - cute balls of purple fluff. Being furry, they naturally have wings and a tail, too. Mows appear to have been created accidentally during an insane experiment by two of Jyrras' assistants in his absence (as documented in strip #363).[1][2] Mows are practically indestructible, although generally harmless. They appear to feed on non-living material, chiefly cloth. Their one weapon is the ability to latch onto something and buzz their wings quickly, effectively simulating the feeling of that limb falling asleep.


Pede was one of Jyrras' assistants that were killed in that insane experiment involving the mows. He wore a bra on his head and talked about himself in the third person.[2]


These characters are not a part of the DMFA canon, but they do appear in the comic.

Amber M. Williams
Based off of the real Amber but exaggerated in several respects, she usually appears in the comics answering "Questions from the Readers" or providing a little deus ex machina to wrap up a plot. The "Questions from the Readers" comics are considered non-canon.
Fluffy D. Funni
A character from a comic Amber began in 6th grade (which she eventually abandoned), Fluffy was resurrected out of a need for some kind of sidekick that didn't violate copyrights in the aforementioned Amber appearances in the comic, as opposed to the previous sidekick, a TMNT doll.
Was Amber's first assistant. Worked on the comic with her, but left, and hasn't been in the comic since.


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