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Left to right: David, Rick, Roland, Artimus, Joel, Matthew, Immelman, Angela, Kate, Nicole, Kelly, Thonnen, Tim; below: Chelsea

Concession features a wide array of different characters, ranging from the 'core' of the cast, featured most often (Joel, Artie, and Matt), to single-appearance customers.

Major characters[edit]

  • Joel Calley - Male, black wolf. An anti-hero, very sarcastic, cynical, and sadistic. Described as cold-hearted and bloodthirsty, with a general loathing of everyone, he is nevertheless frequently found with a variety of sexual partners; as of strip #300, he is involved with Matt. Willing to manipulate others to amuse himself or further his own goals, Joel is, somehow, a representative of Death, and is responsible for several major events in the comic. He has attempted to kill Tim the pastor, and Artie many times, as well as causing the downfall of his brother's company. Joel's actions stem in part from his twin sister, Miranda, who died while he was young but somehow survived in spirit form to manipulate her brother. First Appeared: #1 "'If you have to ask, you'll never know'"
  • Matt Gein - Male, brown striped cat. Very innocent and not too bright, Matt is the newest member of the concession stand staff. He is very firm in his Christian beliefs, and takes everything with a sunny optimism. Initially presented as straight, he made out with Aaron(Nicole) after being stranded at his house and was later revealed as being bisexual, falling into a relationship with Joel. After earning his degree, Matt left the movie theater to start a career in physical therapy. First Appeared: #7 "Catbomb"
  • Angie Jansen - Female dinosaur. Thonnen's cousin. She is flirtatious (to the point of being called a slut) and outgoing, though not very bright. She has no reservations on sharing partners, or tricking people, even attempting to sleep with Roland by acting like Thonnen. She is shown to also be very open minded, not really affected by the fact that Rick, whom she has an on-going relationship, has slept with his sister Kate. First Appeared: #4 "'Bitch probably had herpes anyway…'"
  • Artimus "Artie" Crowley - Male, white mouse. The stand supervisor before his departure, Artie has brain cancer which was initially in remission, but which began to reform during the comic. He has lapses in reality where he loses track of what he has done, leading to a sexual encounter with Chelsie, a hypersexual young boy left at the movie theater. He struck up a relationship with Kate, but broke up with her violently when she revealed her pedophilic nature. He later had a relationship with Melusine, which led to her death. First Appeared: #2 "A Low-Mercy Diet"
  • David Innitou - Male panda. The manager of the concession stand; a very short, irate old man who tends to be very hypocritical in his logic. First Appeared: #7 "Catbomb"
  • Rick Ribeiro - Male ring-tailed lemur. Angie's boyfriend, and Joel's close friend and drug dealer. He has a very close relationship with his sister, whom he loves, yet constantly berates, often in retaliation for an insult directed at him. As it turns out, Rick and Kate both of had an incestuous relationship that both Joel and Angie know about. Used to work as an usher at the theater. First Appeared: #15 "Lesson One: The use of distractions to nullify threats"
  • Roland le Fay - Male pangolin. An art major, the clerk at an art gallery, and Joel's roommate. Very firm in his views on art, he isn't shy about voicing his opinions on paintings, but is very reserved otherwise. He was dating Thonnen for a long time, even after her rape and impregnation, however was dumped close to the laying of her egg. He is gay for Joel, sleeping with him when the mood strikes either of them, but has also struck up a relationship with Nicole. He is one of few people Joel feels close to, whose shoulder Roland cried on after being dumped by Thonnen. First Appeared: B&W #3 "Surprisingly Knowledgeable of the Art World"
  • Aaron "Nicole" O'Connor - Male skunk. Nicole was first introduced in the third Concession comic as a randomly-generated character. He returned months later in a strip that revealed Joel's bisexuality. Very cunning and scheming, he always has a plan on his mind, and intended to sleep with Matt when he took him in for the night before being thwarted by Joel. Despite this, Joel and Nicole still seem to be friends, and the wolf sleeps over at his house every so often. The name "Nicole" was actually given to him by a friend/rival in high school, who used the name to insult his lack of masculinity, only for the skunk to adopt the name in revenge. First Appeared: #3 "And a Blanket of Horror"

Recurring minor characters[edit]

Concession #300 group shot
  • Kate Ribeiro - Female ring-tailed lemur. Rick's sister, who lives with him and their father, and Artie's ex-girlfriend. Kate is very close to her brother, often giving him displays of affection. She is a pedophile, and has a job as a baby sitter, which she uses to find new children to sleep with. The children she has in her circle, though, all appear to be hypersexual, and are all, more or less, willing to go with her. She is straight and is a practicing pedophile. She also is engaged in an incestuous relationship with her brother Rick as stated in Concession Chronicles. First Appeared: #83 "The Morning After"
  • Kelly den Adel - Female zebra. The Box Office attendant. Reserved and laid back, for the most part, Kelly is often the voice of reason, if Artie can't be. She is a lesbian, and currently dating a fox girl named Emily, whom she met on a train. First Appeared: #11 "'American Airlines Flight 11' or 'Snakes on a Jihad'"
  • Thonnen Turunen - Female dinosaur. Angie's cousin and Roland's ex-girlfriend. Thonnen is the last of the Turunen's true bloodline, a role which she doesn't seem to interested in conforming to. Raped one night by order of her grandmother, she has decided to keep the egg, but broke up with Roland and left for France. First Appeared: B&W #10 "Deconstructive Criticism"
  • Miranda Calley - Female, black wolf. Joel's twin sister who died while young — murdered by her older brother Julian, who pinned the crime on Joel. After her death, Joel began to hallucinate seeing her, resulting in him being sent to a mental hospital. Those hallucinations might have been real, as Miranda has been manipulating everyone, including Joel. First Appeared: #170 "The Principle of Evil Made Flesh"
  • Chelsie McNiel/Charles Warner - Male sheep. A young, enigmatically-transvestite child who was left behind at the theatre by his parents. He is extremely violent, and hypersexual, having sex with both Artie (who he seduced), and Kate. First Appeared: #39 "Color Me Blind"
  • Tim McNeil - Male raccoon. Tim is a priest for St. Marks, a local temple for The Church of the Shepard. Upon meeting Joel, he accused him of causing the deaths of Chelsie's family. He is somehow a "divine spirit" bent on keeping Joel from his "goals". He is Chelsie's current caretaker. First Appeared: #57 "A Comic In Which Lil' Chelsie Rides Artie (presumably all morning long)"
  • Kane Woods - Male salamander. A police officer who was called to help deal with the lost child, Chelsie. He and Joel have a long history which resulted in antagonism. #43 "The Dance"
  • Raj Jansen - Female dinosaur. The new head of the Jansen tribe, and Angie and Thonnen's grandmother. In contrast to her kinder, more laid-back predecessor, she is rather ruthless in her methods. even going against the beliefs of the pack to further their bloodline. She places a lot of importance on the strength of the family blood line. Orchestrated Thonnen's rape by Valae. First Appeared: #34 "The Nature of Carpetbaggers"
  • Cecil Richter - Male Cheetah. Nicole's closest friend, and a nudist. He spends days at a time at Nicole's house, naked, usually either sleeping or playing video games. Has no sexual interest in Nicole, much to his dismay. First Appeared: #61 "The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Concession Comic for the Interwebs"
  • Clarissa Jacobsson - Female Hamster and "reverse-furry", who shaves off her fur to appear human. First Appeared: #242 ". . . and the rest!"
  • Franz "Zoë" Dürer Male Bilby, a cross-dresser and part-timer at the concession stand looking for more hours. Zoë is gay and has shown serious interest in Matt, who is oblivious. First Appeared: #242 ". . . and the rest!"
  • Clive Earnest Parker - Male Okapi. Described as having "split personalities", an intentional misuse of the real-life diagnosis of Dissociative identity disorder. Although straight, it is illustrated that his other personality is gay or bi.[1] It is also suggested that Clive is kinder than his counterpart. After Artie left the Multiplex, Clive was promoted as the new stand supervisor. First Appeared: #242 ". . . and the rest!"'
  • Jacob Gein - Male Grey Cat. Matt's father, who disowned him after discovering his son's homosexuality. Was convinced by Joel to change his views and accept his son back. First Appeared: #294 "Exile"
  • Emily Westerholt - Female Fox. Bisexual and Kelly's girlfriend. Was meant to have a larger role in the comic, but as Kelly's role diminished, so did hers, although she does make the occasional appearance. First Appeared: #148 "A Matter of Pride"
  • Julian Calley - Male Black Wolf. Joel's older brother, who apparently murdered Miranda as a child and took over the Calley Corp. after their father died. Has not appeared directly in the story, but acts as Joel's antagonist. Later claims to have little or no memory of the murder, and also sells his shares and position to Artie the night before Joel showed up to the company headquarters, revealing that Julian was also infected by Melusine. First Appeared: #224 "Closed Casket"
  • Palatyne Elis - Female Dolphin. A very energetic and mischievous teenager and Melusine's younger sister, introduced in Aqua Dementia. Seemed to harbor a crush on Artie when he arrived, going as far as sleeping with him, along with her sister. First Appeared: #265 "The Life Aquatic with Artimus Crowley"
  • Melusine Elis - Female Dolphin (deceased). Bisexual and romantically linked to Artie, and in death lives inside of him as a spiritual conduit. She acts as Artie's teacher, preparing him to face Joel/Miranda, but this is ended when she is killed by her brother-in-law for carrying Artie's child. During their time together Artie claimed to have used protection, so her pregnancy may have been intentional, although this is not revealed. First Appeared: #194 "The Siren"
  • Darin - Male Orca (deceased). Was married to Melusine's older sister, Melior. Murdered Melusine for becoming pregnant with Artie's child, and was in turn killed by Artie. First Appeared: #270 "The Sound of a Man Breaking"
  • Millicent "Milli" Brooke - Female squirrel. Vice President of World Theatres, the conglomerate which owns the central theater of the comic. Ran it strictly in comparison to Dave's more liberal approach, so much so that Joel organized a strike against her, forcing her to rehire Angie and Rick. Was later used by Joel as bait (via a deliberate infection of her with Miranda) in order to get him closer to Julian, as he knew that she reported directly to Julian.

Non-canon characters[edit]

  • Immelmann - Male Wolf/Rabbit hybrid. The author sometimes injects himself into the comic to offer additional commentary, as a literary device (for example, during flashbacks), or to expose facts the characters should be aware of but have not been discussed yet. When featured outside of the comic's universe, Immelmann appears as a human-sized anthropomorphic wolf/rabbit hybrid; however when he is drawn into the comic's continuity itself, he is perceived as a smaller, seemingly non-anthropomorphic hybrid instead. Immelmann act familiarly with the cast, though characters generally regard him with confusion, apprehension, or simply ignore his existence altogether. In the last chapter of Concession, he appears as a hallucination of Clarissa, created by Joel to drive her insane. First Appeared: #11 "'American Airlines Flight 11' or 'Snakes on a Jihad'"
  • Tyras - Male Pikachu. Immelmann's familiar, Tyras will generally appear with Immelmann during commentary to provide an opposing thought or an amusing quip directed towards the author. He has been featured in Concession only twice, once appearing as a human-sized anthropomorphic Pikachu. First Appeared: #11 "'American Airlines Flight 11' or 'Snakes on a Jihad'"then again, nestled against Immelmann, both partially transparent in last comic “The End”.

The Random Character Generator[edit]

One of the distinguishing features of Concession is its use of randomly-created furs to serve as customers or nameless passer-bys. Each character has its species, gender, sexuality, and religion rolled for it, and it is described beneath the comic, along with its name and a short bio.

The characters are created using a random-number generator and an Excel spreadsheet, which lists the different types of gender, religion, and species (and, occasionally, sexual orientation) in numbered rows. 8 numbers are generated, 1-100, and are lined up with each column. Five of these numbers are reserved for species, which featured 113 different species, categorized by order and class.

Most randomly-generated characters have only one appearance, occasionally returning for a second appearance, although some are designed with multiple appearances in mind, as in the case of Kane and Tim. Nicole is the major exception - a character intended for a one-shot appearance who has returned to become an important and popular character.

A similar character generator is used for Furthia High.