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Cheryl plots the seduction of Josh with Jackie

The following is a list of characters who have appeared in the comic series Carpe Diem.

Main characters[edit]

  • Josh Gaudaen[1], a slightly shy heterosexual giraffe. He is the only major straight character, and, because he associates with others who are mostly gay, and because of personality traits such as walking with a slight swish, and also being clean and built, he is frequently asked if he himself is gay; he is very assertive that he is not. He is Rodney's roomie, and he is the one who introduced him to Ken. First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism, Page 1.
  • Kevin, a self-absorbed, body-building tiger. He lives with Burt, unbeknownst to the others throughout most of the series' run. More importantly, he is also in a romantic relationship with Burt, and he is found to be cheating on him to both Nick and Nicole, who are married to each other, thus revealing that he is bisexual. First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism, Page 2.
  • Burt MacPhearson[2], a panda weightlifter. He is Kevin's boyfriend, and also the ex-boyfriend of Trent, Josh's brother. First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism, Page 3.
  • Rodney, an overweight, computer-using cheetah who is gay[3]. He is Josh's roomie - this is one of the main reasons that many are led to believe Josh is gay. His weight is also an issue to Kevin, and the two are often at odds because of it. His parents disowned him for both his weight and orientation and he moved in with the Gaudaens, looking up to Trent like the big brother he always wanted. He is introduced to Ken by Josh, and the two begin dating. First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism, Page 10.
  • Ken, a bodybuilding rhino who works in construction[4]. He attempts to get a date with Josh, first assuming that Josh is gay like him, and instead is introduced to Rodney; and thereafter, they are dating (though he still fantasizes about Josh). He is biracial - his mother is a rhino, and his father is a kangaroo. First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism, Page 1.
  • Trent Gaudaen, the older brother of Josh and former boyfriend of Burt[5]. He came out as gay when Josh was young and is a flirt with handsome men (especially Burt, Ken, and Kevin). He and Kevin are at odds; Kevin is always tense when Trent is around, assuming that he's trying to get Burt back and uneasy when Trent flirts with him; especially when he reveals that he encountered Trent as a child (only Kevin never learned his name then) where Trent protected him from some bullies and this inspired Kevin to become a bodybuilder. First appearance (in dream): Carpe Diem Chapter 4: Lucid Dreaming, Page 9. First appearance (outside of dream): Carpe Diem Chapter 4: Lucid Dreaming, Page 28.

Other characters[edit]

  • Quetza a female armadillo[6] She used a Spanish word when talking to Burt.[7] First appearance: Carpe Diem Chapter 1: Optimism[8], page 8.
  • Nicole, a female rabbit and wife of Nick. Was found to be cheating on him with Kevin.
  • Nick, a male fox and husband of Nicole. Was found to be cheating on her with Kevin.
  • Rax, a male rat who works at the gym and is training in powerlifting with Burt. First mentioned in Chapter 3: Hurt, Page 20[9]. First appearance in Chapter 7: Preparations, page 13[10].
  • Lanny, an employee at the gym who is heard several time, but, as a running joke, is never seen.
  • Ally, a female rat who's a close friend of Ken and a fellow construction worker. She is pregnant and Ken will be her child's godfather.
  • Keesha, a lesbian elephant who is into bodybuilding and can supposedly bench press as much as Ken can. She and Ken are workout partners and relate to each other and hold a close bond, like that of brother and sister. She is a writer in her spare time, mostly with short-stories.
  • Regis, a huge zebra who is a bouncer at the club Abydos. Also a cast member of the webcomic Profiles
  • Chad, a male meerkat, one of Josh' friends.
  • Jackie, a female dog, and Chad's girlfriend.
  • Cheryl, a female wolf, and local stripper. Friend to Jackie and has a big crush on Josh which he starts to reciprocate.


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