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Heroic fighting furries: (left to right) Jack, Effdee, Moosey, Randy, Branny

The following is a list of characters in the webcomic Anema.


Effdee – Leader of the Elite Team. Often called “FD” in the story, he is the quintessential hero. Fearless, determined and loyal to his allies, he never lets his small stature hamper his awesome fighting skills. Tintin meets Captain America meets golden retriever. His biggest weakness is lack of a personality compared to the other characters. His memorable lines are limited to motivational speeches and philosophical arguments. Animal model – dog.

Randy – Plays the role of anti-Effdee: Cantankerous, wise-cracking and clumsy. As a mercenary, Randy is able to use any weapon and pilot any vehicle, but he is never seen haggling over money or betraying his friends like a proverbial mercenary. His fighting style consists of just spraying his cannons over large swathes of foes. Later on, he has many chuckle-inducing arguments with the team’s scientist Branny. Animal model – dog.

Moosey – A grizzled and reserved old warrior assigned to mentor Effdee. A flashback reveals his disenchantment with military affairs and why he wanted a demotion. He craves the heat of battle and the camaraderie between warriors, and proves to be both the mental and physical backbone of the Elite Team. Possesses unnatural strength that allows him to pummel metal-skinned robots like no one else. Animal model – a BIG mouse.

Branny – A skinny scientist who realizes that he’s been doing the wrong thing all his life, and wants to be in the heat of battle. He is obviously the weakest in the team but seems to possess common sense in battle, emerging unscathed in most gunfights like the other warriors. Part of his battlefield success is his collection of strange gadgets and experimental weapons. Often trades snide remarks for comic relief with Randy and Jack. Animal model – rabbit.

Jack – A proven saboteur who overcomes enemies with stealth, superb dexterity and traps. He doesn’t display a coherent personality throughout the story and blurts statements unrelated to ongoing discussions. One wonders if it was war trauma or side effects of experiments that ruined him mentally. His most common line is a “Haa-aa” like Nelson from The Simpsons, after a successful prank on his friends. His favourite target is Branny. Animal model – frog.

Tivimiton – The vice-commander of the Anemal forces belongs to the cohorts of Androids, good robots that the Anemals made after the bad robots rebelled. This time they take the Andriods’ psychological guidance seriously, and Androids now fight for Anema as loyal comrades. Tivimiton is presumably the most talented of them all and possesses an almost sensitive, artistic soul. He transforms into a jet and uses a powerful particle beam and nifty kung-fu in battle.

Leo – Revered as Anema’s modern saviour, and portrayed in the story as the perfect champion of Anemals. He is peerless in all intellectual, tactical and physical arts, standing toe-to-toe with the robots’ overload Primatron in power. War and constant pressure has suppressed him into depression, resulting in him speaking in imperious or obscure tones, or even muttering poetry to himself. According to Anema Online, Leo “carries a Graviton Blaster can annihilate almost anything with its beam, and in dire times, the legendary Commander's Sword”, but the sword hasn’t been seen in the story so far. Animal model – lion.

The evil robots: (left to right) Deadwing (folded arms), Omegatron (giant), Brutus (one fist up), Sauron (laughing), Gildrik (minor character, looking at the giant), Garat (horns), Thor (big blue robot), Primatron (half-face)

Primatron – No prizes for guessing who this character is inspired from. This is the overload of all robot activity and ambition, who directs his endless hordes of replaceable minions from his stronghold in Technopia. No reason is given on how an emotionless machine has developed personality quirks like arrogance and a Napoleon complex, but he is portrayed as a megalomaniac who yearns to destroy all Anemals like germs. Besides being incredibly powerful, he possesses superlative intellect, as evidenced by his philosophical debate with Leo in their duels.

Deadwing – The incumbent robot air commander. Ungainly in robot form but fearsome in jet form. The first ‘super-robot’ Effdee meets in the story. His unexpected defeat to Effdee sparked a robot hunt for the hero in earlier chapters, but both seem to have a healthy respect for each other. Deadwing seems to have the most “independent” mind among the robot characters. He actually banters with the heroes during encounters and ponders his own actions, but his loyalty to Primatron is unquestioned.

Sauron – Sauron looks almost like an ordinary aerial robot, and was designed to be one. Somehow a computer glitch made him different and mysteriously bestowed him the gift of invisibility. He took that to mean he is destined for great things, and his pompous mouthing provide for some black humour.

Garat – Nearly as devious as Primatron, Garat adopts a completely different approach in combat. He sneaks around and snipes enemies with a concealed laser. In close range he uses his hands, which are alloy pincers, to dismember Anemals. Garat appears to possess awesome speed, dodging bullets and disabling guns with just his melee weapon in one instance. His lines are sadly limited to “Die, Anemal.” types.

Thor – This levitating juggernaut serves as Primatron’s bodyguard, and has the firepower to prove it. In battle (once so far) cannons emerge from hidden compartments in his box-shaped torso, and even his forehead carries a laser beam. Defensively he is impervious to all attacks, and in one case, can encase Primatron inside his body for a protected retreat. Thor has never uttered a word in the story.

Brutus – Probably the archetype for all military servicemen, Brutus plays obedient soldier to Primatron and speaks in computer verbatim, for example: “Scanning… scanning hostiles…” He transforms into a missile hover- tank and doesn’t seem to have short-range weapons, preferring to use rockets and artillery fire. Brutus is feared by Anemal warriors and has killed a number of Anemal heroes. Appears to hold a vendetta towards Moosey.