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WikiFur, which began in 2005 as a mainly-English-language wiki for the furry fandom, has since grown to become a multilingual, non-profit project which provides information concerning the furry fandom and furry-related history to users in 14 languages. Despite the proliferation of multilingual editions, the English WikiFur provides a lion's share of articles in comparison to its counterparts, with over 11,000 articles since March-April 2009.

Five members of the WikiFur project were launched in 2008; two of the 14 languages of the WikiFur project, WikiLurv and TurriWiki, are autonomously governed and hosted due to their initially separate beginnings and later voluntary affiliation as lingual editions with the larger WikiFur project.

In addition to the publication of encyclopedic articles on the furry fandom, the WikiFur project also hosts the WikiFur Pool, an image repository that allows for integration of graphic media content between the various lingual editions, and the (currently English-language) WikiFur News, which provides periodic news articles on events related to or taking place within the furry fandom; the former is hosted on while the latter is hosted on the English WikiFur.

List of projects and affiliates[edit]

Project or affiliate Date of creation Current article count
(as of October 2009)
English WikiFur July 24, 2005 11,900+
Spanish WikiFur September 12, 2008 430+
German WikiFur October 28, 2007 200+
Russian WikiFur September 24, 2008 800+
Polish WikiFur October 21, 2008 90+
French WikiFur March 8, 2007 100+
Portuguese WikiFur February 7, 2008 40+
Czech WikiFur August 14, 2007 80+
Chinese WikiFur March 6, 2009 70+
Italian WikiFur May 7th, 2009  ?
Japanese WikiFur June 6, 2009 6
Hungarian WikiFur October 18, 2009  ?
WikiLurv (Swedish affiliate) October 27, 2008 180+
TurriWiki (Finnish affiliate) June 13, 2006  ?
WikiFur News (in English) February 17, 2007  ?
WikiFur Pool  ?  ?
Projects and affiliates
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