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Episodes of the animated series The Penguins of Madagascar.

Season One[edit]

  • Gone in a Flash - Maurice disappears shortly after finding a camera
  • Launchtime - The penguins go to the Moon
  • Haunted Habitat - Marlene (in her first appearance) gets frightened by noises in her habitat at night
  • Operation: Plush and Cover - Mort is accidentally taken to a toy factory
  • Happy King Julien Day - Maurice convinces the zoo animals to celebrate King Julien Day
  • Paternal Egg-Stinct - Marlene orders the penguins to guard an egg
  • Penguiner Takes All - The penguins take on the lemurs in a game of Capture the Flag
  • Two Feet High and Rising - The penguins try to cure Mort's paw fetish
  • Tangled in the Web - Private becomes an internet star
  • Crown Fools - King Julien loses his crown down a sewer
  • The Hidden - Marlene is frightened by her new neighbours and calls on the penguins for help
  • All Choked Up - Rico is given medicine to stop him regurgitating objects, including a bomb ready to detonate
  • Little Zoo Coupe - The penguins and the lemurs have a Wacky Races-style race across the zoo
  • Popcorn Panic - The zoo animals become addicted to popcorn
  • Go Fish - The penguins are given horrible-tasting biscuits instead of fish for meals
  • Mirace On Ice - The penguins have a hockey game on their iced-over habitat
  • Eclipsed - King Julien suddenly becomes nice and helpful after a solar eclipse
  • Mort Unbound - Mort becomes supersized and turns into an unstoppable monster
  • Roomies - Marlene gets an annoying penmate in her habitat
  • Misfortune Cookie - Rico is cursed by a message from a fortune cookie
  • Lemur See, Lemur Do - A robotic lemur named LEM-R is placed in the lemur habitat and begins to mimic King Julien
  • Roger Dodger - The penguins help Roger the Alligator (introduced in Haunted Habitat) to reclaim his home after being attacked by a pack of sewer rats
  • Skorca! - Private sees a flying Orca in the night, and the penguins investigate
  • Otter Gone Wild - Marlene turns feral after leaving the zoo for a snowcone
  • Cat's Cradle - The penguins help Max the Cat (introduced in Launchtime) escape an animal control officer
  • Monkey Love - Phil the Monkey falls in love with a new inmate named Lulu, and asks Mason, Marlene and the penguins for help
  • Tagged - The penguins are electronically tagged by a scientist, hindering their mission
  • What Goes Around - The penguins help a little girl retrieve her doll from the sewers
  • Mask of the Raccoon - A Robin Hood-style raccoon named The Archer goes on a stealing spree around the zoo
  • Out of the Groove - King Julien is forced from his habitat by a group of baboons
  • Jungle Law - The zoo animals turn crazy after an electricity blackout
  • I Was a Penguin Zombie - The penguins think Skipper has died in a check-up after watching a horror film
  • Sting Operation - The penguins work to remove a group of French hornets residing in the zoo's clocktower
  • All King, No Kingdom - Maurice and Mort remove King Julien from power after becoming furious with his demands
  • Untouchable - a poisonous frog begins to bully the zoo animals into doing whatever he wants
  • Over Phil - Mason becomes fed up with Phil's sloppy actions and leaves the chimp habitat
  • Miss Understanding - The penguins conduct a gender-determining DNA test, which labels Skipper female
  • An Elephant Never Forgets - Burt the elephant wants the penguins to help him break out of the zoo
  • Otter Things Have Happened - Kowalski wants to test his new invention
  • Zoo Tube - Dumb Animal Channel results in the slated closure of the zoo because it is unable to compete
  • Snakehead! - A mother duck and her ducklings discover a monstrous snakehead fish living in their pond
  • Jiggles - Kowalski creates a living cube of green gelatinous matter after working in his lab
  • The Falcon and the Snow Job - Skipper becomes smitten with a falcon named Kitka
  • The Penguin Stays in the Picture - Private is selected for a picture.
  • Dr. Blowhole's Revenge - Dr. Blowhole kidnaps King Julien in an effort to lure the flightless force into a trap so that he can annihilate the team once and for all

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