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This is a list of Furtean Times issues released between March 2007 and October 2008. Periodical releases were halted when the website re-branded to in December 2008.


1 The British Are Coming! 25 March 2007
Writing: Alexander Grey, Diesel Leon, Cyan, Ember Komodog, Jace
Graphics: Cooner, Fox, Kbryme
The first issue, entitled The British Are Coming!, was about the growth of the furry fandom in Britain. It also mentions a documentary about furries to be shown on the British television station Channel 4. The programme will be shown before the watershed, so should contain nothing adult or yiffy. The documentary is due to be revisited in Issue 5.
2 The Top 50 Furry Characters 25 June 2007
Writing: Alexander Grey, Diesel Leon, Enigma Vulpine, The Chained Wolf
Graphics: Almiras Silverwolf, Greskil Vulfhart, Kbryme, Silver R. Wolfe
Miscellaneous: Goten Raccoony, Kyle Evans, Lycanfox, Noodles Husky, Regiar Shadow, Steve Alford, Whitewolf
The main article is a poll of the 50 greatest furry characters. In order to vote, readers listed their top 20 furry characters on the Furtean Times Forum or on one of three journals allocated on Fur Affinity ([1] [2]) and deviantART ([3]).
3 Attack of the Drama Llama 29 September 2007
Writing: Alexander Grey, Ember Komodog, Loupgaros, The Chained Wolf
Graphics: Dawncaster
This edition was due to be released on September 22, 2007; however was postponed due to conflicting schedules. It was eventually released on September 29th, sporting a number of articles relating to furry drama, the YouTube Furry War, and anti-furry trolls. Grey described the issue as "lightweight", yet "compelling".
4 A Very Furry Christmas 9 December 2007
Writing: Alexander Grey, Angry Scribbler, The Chained Wolf
Graphics: Runhurd, Sin-wolf
Miscellaneous: Absolutley Bursar, Fluke, Leon Fauve
The final edition of 2007, issue 4 saw a rise content wise on issue 3, however still lacked the amount submitted for issue 2. The articles took on a fairly miscellaneous nature, with more emphasis put on multimedia submissions (such as the inclusion of Leon Fauve's FMV Explosion series) than their traditional textual counterparts. Notable additions were made by The Chained Wolf and Angry Scribbler.
5 The Furry Revolution 23 March 2008
Writing: Alexander Grey, The Chained Wolf, Hemms, KelseyLynn, Noodles Husky, Zeratul Luke
Graphics: Cyan, Seel Kaiser, Shirik Draguinea, Teygrim, Ziggy
Miscellaneous: brisingr333, Bucktown Tiger, Seamus Stimpson, Shirik Draguinea, Timothy D Wolf, Xinon Hyena
Described as "massive" by Alexander Grey, this first anniversary edition of the Furtean Times included the long-awaited results of the Furry Sexuality Survey, the only survey to focus directly on the point of furry sex lives. Other features included an interview with Shirik Draguinea, a report on choosing the perfect fursona, a review of A Doemain of Our Own, a versed article on the definition of furry music and the inclusion of the recently ended Furry Guru.
6 Ready To Be ConFuzzled? 1 July 2008
Writing: Alexander Grey
Graphics: Cerebus, Cheetah Kid, Ember Komodog, Entei Rah, Lazerus101, Kiffy Lee, Mikepaws, Tiger Tom, Zuki
Miscellaneous: Cheetah Kid, Ember Komodog, Mikepaws, Silentwulf
This issue covered ConFuzzled, a furry convention in Manchester, UK, from Tori's perspective, as well as through the eyes of a mundane guest. It also contained various image galleries and videos from other convention attendees. All non-ConFuzzled related articles created for this issue were moved into Issue 7.
7 Changes 1 August 2008
Writing: Alexander Grey, The Chained Wolf
Graphics: Midnight the Ferret
Miscellaneous: Silentwulf
This issue is all about changes going on in the fandom, focusing on loss, creation and change of websites, features and the furry ethos itself. The Chained Wolf also writes a feature on animal rights and reviews Newshounds.
8 Escape from Narnia! 1 September 2008
Writing: Alexander Grey, The Chained Wolf
Graphics: Bungle, Hiro Judgement, Hypr
This issue focuses on coming out as a furry. The Chained Wolf reviews the furry manga Hyper Police, and launches a campaign to get the DVD of the series released in Europe.
9 The Issue With No Theme! 31 October 2008
Writing: Alexander Grey, The Chained Wolf, Janner
Graphics: Loupgaros, Soshimo Junai, Beethovenperson, Little Wolf, Fox Amoore
This issue contains no central theme. It includes a look at the way furries think, a review of Jack, a guide to enjoying furmeets and the news of the poisoning of 2, The Ranting Gryphon.