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Lightpaws, also known as Rave Fox (born February 15, 1971),[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who resides in Delaware, Ohio, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement

Lightpaws has been a member in the furry fandom since 1987. He has been building fursuits since 1990, under the label "Pawprint Studio Creations".[2] Lightpaws was the Convention Chair, CEO, and Executive of Operations for Furlaxation. He also goes by the name Rave Fox while at Furlaxation to hide his identity.


Lightpaws's fursona is a red fox.[1]


In April 2003, Lightpaws was arrested for a 2907.322 (Pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor), and a 2907.31 (Disseminating matter harmful to juveniles). The case was dismissed when he took a plea bargain that dropped the charges, but put him on Ohio's Sex Offender Registration list (pre-Adam Walsh Act), for a 2907.323 (Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance).[3][4]

After the news broke,[who?][clarify] several staff members[who?] resigned after the 2012 convention,[citation needed] including Furlaxation member Nrr, who retained a lawyer[citation needed] in case legal action were to be brought against the convention and it's staff.[clarify]


The charges and conviction were leaked[who?] to the critic site, which posted all the available information about's lightpaws' case up for public perusal.[5]. Lightpaws responded to the Vivisector's report by claiming he had resigned his position with Furlaxation,[3] however he was still acting as Chairman as recently as August 2013,[6] and is still listed as the Registered Agent for Furlaxation, Inc.[7].


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