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Lightpaws (legal name: Christopher Shirk), also known as Rave Fox (born February 15, 1971),[1] is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who lives in Delaware, Ohio, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement

Lightpaws has been a member in the furry fandom since 1987. He has been building fursuits since 1990 under the label Pawprint Studio Creations.[2]

Lightpaws is the Convention Chair[3] and Chief executive officer[4] for the furry convention Furlaxation. He goes by the name Rave Fox while at Furlaxation for privacy reasons.


Lightpaws' fursona is a red fox.[1]

Convention attendance


In May 2003, Lightpaws was arrested and arraigned on seventeen counts of sexual misconduct involving minors (ten ORC 2907.323 [Illegal use of minor in nudity-oriented material or performance] and seven ORC 2907.321 [Pandering obscenity involving a minor]).[5] He pleaded guilty to the ten 2907.323 charges, which lead the case prosecutor to file a Nolle Prosequi ("do not prosecute" motion) for the remaining seven.

During sentencing, he had several stipulations attached to his probation, including having to register with the sex offender registry, undergo sex offender counseling, and to have no unsupervised contact with children and restricted internet access.[citation needed]

In April 2014, Lightpaws filed a Motion for Expungement with the Ohio court system.[6] The State filed an objection to the motion stating he was not eligible for expungement as defined under Ohio Revised Code 2953.36 ("Sealing of record of conviction exceptions"), which excludes offenders convicted under ORC 2907.323. The appeal was eventually denied.[5]


On April 17, 2012, all the available information about's Lightpaws' case was posted to the critic site,[7].

After the news broke,[clarify] several staff members[who?] resigned after the 2012 convention ended,[citation needed] including Furlaxation member Nrr, who retained a lawyer[citation needed] in the event legal action were to be brought against the convention and its staff.[clarify] Lightpaws later responded to the Vivisector's report regarding his case and Furlaxation staff involvement in-situ.[8]


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