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Lifeblood is a regularly updated Science Fiction / Fantasy webcomic or Doujinshi created by Wagontamer, drawn in full page format.

Lifeblood was originally intended to imitate the comic book style of Archie's Sonic Comics, but has instead shown influence of Japanese Manga and Alternative Comics. Lifeblood is constantly undergoing stylistic changes, and the artwork may vary almost from issue to issue even though it is the work of only one artist. The story is, however, told successively, with one event logically following another.

Lifeblood largely contains anthropomorphic characters, but also four-fingered humans who are called Overlanders, a term coined by Archie Sonic Comics.

Although it is based in the Sonic the Hedgehog fictional universe, very few of the characters or places coincide between Lifeblood and Archie's Sonic Comics. This is because Lifeblood takes place over 100 years in Sonic's future, after an apocalyptic event has completely altered the face of the planet Mobius.

The name Lifeblood is also the name of a band of freedom fighters who dedicate themselves to defeating Lord Styx, a vampiric necromancer who killed Dr.Ivo Robotnik as well as the Freedom Fighters, and now stands as the unchallenged Hegemon of Mobius. The name Lifeblood is partially a homage to their leader, Pulse (incidentally the great-grandson of Sonic the Hedgehog), and partially an antithesis of the undead and demonic Blackblood from which Lord Styx draws most of his power.

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