Life Ain't No Pony Farm

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Life Ain't No Pony Farm
Author(s) Sarah Burrini, Jörg Fassbender
Update schedule Mondays and Thursdays
Launch date May 19, 2009
End Date Continuing
Genre Humour
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Life Ain't No Pony Farm is a semi-autobiographical (but absurd) webcomic about a cartoonist living together with an elephant, a mushroom, and a pony.

LANPF is written and drawn by Sarah Burrini, a cartoonist and illustrator in Cologne, Germany.[1] It is translated from German to English by Jörg Fassbender.


The cast of Life Ain't No Pony Farm are:[2]

  • Sarah, the avatar of the comic's creator.
  • Ngumbe, a very stubborn African elephant with an artist's soul. His biggest dream is to play the trumpet like his idol (Miles Davis) and to be fully recognized as an artist. And he likes peanuts.
  • El Fungo, a very hot-headed Mexican mushroom. There is not one situation for which he does not have a story to tell, yet there is never a situation in which anybody would care to hear it.
  • Buttercup, also known as Butty amongst his former prison pals, is a pony of few words. He can be a loyal friend as long as he is well-fed, and nobody bothers him while watching an episode of The A-Team.


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