Li'l Nyet

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Li'l Nyet
Author(s) Bengo & Pug
Update schedule Weekdays
Launch date May 26, 2008
End Date Ongoing
Genre Comedy / Urban Fantasy
Not rated (likely PG)

Li'l Nyet is a furry web comic created by Bengo & Pug and started on May 26, 2008. With a setting reminiscent of Soviet Russia with an indeterminate timeframe, the comic follows the exploits of Li'l Nyet, a demon cat who runs the Russian Ministry of Security. It is published every weekday, though it has been intermittent as of late due to a recent illness for Pug.

The title is sometimes subtitled Li'l Nyet: The Red Menace.


A vast majority of the characters seen in Russia in Li'l Nyet are bears, a symbolism of the bear being the national animal of Russia.

Li'l Nyet (Nyetrushka)
Nyetrushka, typically called just Nyet, is the ruthless Minister of Security for the Soviet Union. Her origins are a state secret known by very few people outside the Ministry of Security and her immediate family. She is a red cat with two white horns on her head. Like the stereotypical CPSU member, she is corrupt and actually decadent, but is also a master of propaganda
Comrade A (Vassily Apparatchik)
Comrade A's identity is also a state secret. He is a brown bear that is the Deputy Minister of Security directly underneath Li'l Nyet. He is a faithful servant of Nyet, and is also her bodyguard, friend and confidant.
Ghost Cat (Oksana Kittynova)
Ghost Cat is alleged to be the spirit of the pet cat of Grand Duchess Anastasia, the daughter of the last czar of Russia. However, Ghost Cat appears to have some control over the material world as well as limited magical powers. She is constantly annoying Li'l Nyet, but occasionally helps her as well.
Fyodor is a blond bear, considerably thinner than Comrade A, who is the de facto secretary of the Ministry of Security. He previously worked for the Department of Invisible Ink. He was reassigned when a spill resulted in the loss of all the invisible ink. He always wears a neck tie.
Sergei is Comrade A's uncle, who moved to Moscow from Kiev to live with Comrade A. He is given the appearance of suffering occasional bouts of senility, rendering him to think it's still the Bolshevik Revolution. Prior to his retirement, he was an expert negotiator.
Baba Yaga
One of the primary antagonists of Li'l Nyet, she is actually Nyet's mother. She is a witch who terrorizes Russia. She lives out in Siberia in a mansion with several bowls with ostrich legs on them.
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