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Ley Hazard, usually just called Hazard, is a furry artist who lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.[1] Her fursona is a "Fennec Chimera",[1] specifically a hybrid of fennec fox, Fish Crow, sphinx moth, and kingsnake.[2]

Hazard was on the staff of the Furlandia convention in 2013, acting as Creative Director and Forum Administrator.[1]


In 2007, Hazard graduated from the Center for Advanced Learning with a concentration in Graphic Design and Information Technology. She went on to study Illustration and Communication Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.[1]

Her work has been featured in galleries around Portland, Oregon. Online, she has experience working as a staff member and contributor on various virtual avatar and pet site communities.[1]


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