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Lexicon, as illustrated by Bonk Batfox.

Lexicon Tōhin, also known as Lexi (born December 27), is an anthro artist and musician who lives in Wisconsin, USA.[1] She uses MediBang for her artwork, and Music Maker Jam and Audiotool for her music.[2]

While being an active member in the furry fandom, Lexicon has also been known for making fetish content featuring LapFox Trax characters, the main kink being vore. Lexicon also shows an interest in other kinks, such as hypnosis and tentacles.[3]

Lexicon started to make music as a hobby in late January of 2016, with her first release being Let's Get Weird.[4]


Lexicon's fursona is a 6'0" orange demon fox with a unicorn horn, glasses, and a stitch on her right cheek.[5]


Lexicon has attended the following conventions:


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