Let Your Heart Take Flight

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Let Your Heart Take Flight
Artist Cassidy Civet
Released March 7, 2019
Format Digital Download
Recorded 2019
Genre Orchestral Pop, Soundtrack
Length 3:10
Label Civet Society, Independent
Producer Cassidy Civet

"Let Your Heart Take Flight" is the second single by Canadian singer Cassidy Civet. The song is an Orchestral Pop song largely inspired by How To Train Your Dragon 3, particularly the teaser trailer from November 2018.

This was Cassidy's first single to be released that wasn't on her eventual debut album Double Take. It was also the first single to have never been submitted to Eurovision in any capacity. It also was the fastest time for a single by Cassidy to go from written to released, with Comfort Zone having taken over 2 years to release.[citation needed]

The song was first performed in the variety show at VancouFur 2019. A new orchestration is currently being worked on by Fox Amoore.