Leonardo Kramer

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Lemon Wolf or lemonkramer is the fursona of Leonardo Kramer who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Leonardo is known for his quirky status updates on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, along with his comical, often sarcastic nature. He is also in the creation of an online Webcomic Drawn To Meh. However, the publishing date of the webcomic is still unknown.


Leo drawn by AylaStarDragon

Leo's fursona is a grey wolf with rainbow colored hair and a rainbow patterned tailtip. He has a black nose with purple eyes. His pawpads and maw are a deep purple that glow when he's excited.

The purple color and glow also affect all of his skin, but can barely be seen through the fur, but any exposed skin can be clearly seen as a deep purple, included more 'mature' areas of his body.

Leo usually wears only his black cargo shorts, but at times, enjoys wearing polo shirts and hats, usually to fit the occasion.

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