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Leo Todrius is an American writer who specializes in homoerotic transformation fiction, typically from the third-person narrative.

Series projects[edit]


  • Ghostbusters: Regenesis - centered around the Portland, Oregon, Ghostbusters facing off against ghosts who have impacted multiple dimensional layers of Portland. (Based on the science fiction franchise.)
  • TRON Expansion - (based on the Disney science fiction franchise).
  • Chronicles of Ceto - human colonists on the oceanic planet of Ceto (based on the Aquanauts and Aquasharks from LEGO's Aquazone universe).
  • Borderlands - (role play based on the game)


  • Making an Ass
  • Hellion Pass
  • Collar of the Wild
  • Living Truce
  • Dark Refuge -
  • META - superhero
  • Captive Audience - fantasy fiction centered around Chatroulette
  • Forbidden Delta
  • Joining the Pack
  • Corruptors of the Road
  • Green Horizon
  • Unity

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