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Lem Ahnayd, as drawn by Nathahniel
Finn Tusks, as drawn by Scribble-Scrabble

Lem Ahnayd, also known as Finn Tusks and Libidinous Wonder, formerly Sesame Bun (born February 16, 1986), is a former furry artist and current writer and cub who lived in Kentucky, USA, with his wife Aspen Tree and son. His interests lie in Japanese culture, anime, UTAU, role play, and content development. The majority of his characters are kemonomimi.

Lem Ahnayd is the owner and head admin/principal/creator of Little Paws Elementary School [1]. He came up with the idea for the website, made the first and second designs, and registered it on October 12, 2013 [2]. He participates on the website as Finn Tusks,[[3] who is both an unofficial mascot and character created for that purpose.

On January 27th, 2016, the man behind Lem, Sesame, Finn, and other memorable characters passed away suddenly due to seizure related medical problems. He was only 30.


  • Lem - Lem is an eleven-year-old raccoon and human hybrid. He was created by a scientific experiment but doesn't remember the experience and was abandoned at an early enough age that he has no permanent attachments. Although he spent the first few years of his non-science-experiment life in an orphanage, as soon as he hit six he ran away and began an unending journey. Like many raccoons, Lem enjoys being nomadic. Staying in any one place for too long makes him uncomfortable which fits well with his insatiable curiosity and drive to see the new and unfamiliar. Another raccoon trait he holds in abundance is the capacity to adapt; whether it's eating food that he's never tried before, interacting with unfamiliar people or navigating different customs, Lem manages to get by and fit in in no time (but just long enough to be on his merry way once more.) Unlike most raccoons, however, Lem is very much diurnal. He absolutely adores the sun and thrives in it. As soon as twilight comes he finds a place to sleep and has no interest in exploring again until the sun peeks over the horizon. As a lover of the sun he is also a lover of heat. Lem, while he can adapt to a cold climate when necessary, does best in the warmth and absolutely hates snow. Lem also has a tiny companion by the name of Davy Cricket. Lem came across him while he was foraging for edible flowers, and the tiny insect never left his side. Davy is quite vocal, but has learned to be quiet when Lem needs him to be [4].
  • Finn Tusks - Mr. Tusks is a man that has lived many roles; student, teacher, soldier, and now principal. He is a huge fan of fresh fish, a sushi connoisseur by extension, and enjoys always being well dressed. While he does have a taste for fine things, he has no issues getting his hands dirty or helping any of the children with any problems they face. His heart, and door, are always open.

Miscellaneous characters[edit]

His other characters are Sesame Bun, Pumpernickel Bun, Hunter Lansing, Davy Cricket, Seishin Shiromori, Kubo Hitori, Yael, Oka-chan, Izanami, Minato, Seishin Hoshi, and Yakunitatanai.

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