Legendary Heart

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Legendary Heart

Page 2 of Legendary Heart Act 1
Author(s) Story: JoeCWolf aka Fire Starter Wolf / Comic: T0L0K
Update schedule N/A
Launch date June 9, 2020
End Date Ongoing
Genre Action/Adventure/Drama
Mature (Violence, Suggestion Themes, Languages, Blood, Death)
Censor MA button.png

Legendary Heart, an comic drawn by T0L0K, and story by Fire Starter Wolf starting off with a dragon dude named Damian as he still recovering his memories that were lost when he was reborn through a dragon egg over 100 years ago, living his life in college to try to find something for his future till it sudden comes to a halt when a deadly deity threatens to return to conquer and gain retribution. What else could go wrong?


In the events of Verging Spirit, Damian was set to be turn into a dragon boy but fate has other plans in store for him as he was reborn thru a dragon egg which left the elders and the fathers puzzled to why this had happen, and to worse ideas Juke had his son's powers sealed to be remain a secret and hidden. But it won't stop from what about to happen in the future.. Cause a god isn't taking no for a answer.


Damian C. Rivers, the young bright, happy, and optimistic dragon has most of it going on, his 20th aka 110th birthday closely approaching as he enjoys the time at his college even though he misses and yearns for his masters, the cub lives his daily life till he encounters some problems due to his origin, labeled as a unblooded, but bigger matters are about rock the universe as Damian and his friends are caught in world of danger due to a army dubbed as The Onslaught making their move and causing terror throughout the galaxy. Will the young man put his skills to the test against these fiends and their god? a god?... Hope he's ready..


Dragon student Damian Rivers is living normal life and solving grunt problem till his college is under attack by The Onslaught, a dangerous army of kobolds, and traitor dragons that serve under a evil chaos god named Kur that will return unless the elders, the council, and the table can find a way to stop the god's home coming.

The boy, his friends, and master must escape from Onslaught and get to the Elders to find a way to put an end to the vicious kolbolds and enemies god plan once and for all before it's too late.


Damian C. Rivers is the son of Keino and Juke Rivers, he wasn't a dragon but a wolf like his father Keino till they both became dragons like Juke, the young boy spent his life training, exploring, and bonding with his fathers, and his masters Aksel, Harshill, and Kougaiji till he was sent off to college to discover many possibilities for his future goals till his days were affected by fate.

Faith Yuma, a charming young girl that befriended Damian the first day he entered the college, she always smart, bright, and very sweet when she meets a task and challenge. She has a little side for Damian since she kissed him on the cheek when he protected her from Bruce. Faith is also a unblood like Damian as she was a Fennec in the past.

Jet Ralha, He's a honored student in the college, always training and putting himself in hard tasks to better himself in fighting and skill. Jet always deemed Damian as a snobby rich kid since his dad was the void dragon Juke till Damian stand up to Jet to show that rumors, and social status isn't everything. Since then, the dragon-roo stand up to the jeery crowd that were trying to redeem Bruce when he was defeated by Damian, but Jet managed to clear the other students as he paying his respect to the rivers boy and Faith.

Bruce Shi, Smart alack, jerk, and too prideful in his marital arts skills. He has a huge hatred for those are who are not born true dragons aka Unblooded, he attacked Damian when he learnt that he was posted to guard him and discovered he wasn't a true dragon. But Damian managed to beat him after the bully attacked Faith. Bruce changed his views and ways when he was saved by Damian during the Onslaught attack, thus helping him and slowly befriending the blue hero.