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Legacy Muck is a multi-themed, furry and roleplay-friendly MUCK. Its general theme is "medieval times" but also contains areas with alternate themes.[1]


  • Legacy Muck is a tribute to the popular QWest Muck that ran at qwest.tcp.com, port 9999 for a few years in the early 1990s, maintaining a very active population with hundreds of connected players. A few of the most popular rooms of QWest Muck including "Fox Point" are available. Most of QWest's player population was college students, and thus they did not migrate to Legacy Muck after QWest Muck was closed in 1994.[1]
  • Legacy Muck was originally hosted at laurel.actlab.utexas.edu port 9999 with the alias legacy.muq.org port 9999 as part of the University of Texas - Austin's ActLab program. Sometime around 2010-2012 many of the ActLab servers were moved to a residential server farm and Legacy Muck moved with them.[1]


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